Tricounty News

EV-W-K Cross Country results

By Terry Nelson

The Cross Country team travel competed at the Maple Lake Invitational meet Thursday Sept. 2. Fourteen schools attended the meet.

The girls' varsity placed seventh with a score of 170. The individual varsity runners with place and time were Molly Hesse 12thÐ18:23, Raelynn Callander 16thÐ18:33, Samantha Stuve 43rdÐ20:53, Jennifer Notch 49thÐ21:10, Kayla Overland 50thÐ21:13 and Megan Libbesmeier 63rdÐ24:25.

The girls' junior varsity took second place with a team score of 111. The Individual JV runners were Erin Dingmann 13thÐ23:09, Nicole Orth 18thÐ23:35, McKenzie Libbesmeier 25thÐ27:48, Janessa Dahle 27thÐ28:50 and Brooke Merten 28thÐ28:57.

Brett Mattice took 10th place with a time of 10:01 in the junior high boys' race.

The junior high girls took second place with a team score of 59. The junior high girl runners were Brooke Winter second-10:49, Grace Kopitzke 10thÐ11:42, Madison Libbesmeier 11thÐ11:50, Denzel Atherton 14thÐ12:09, Stephanea Roeser 20thÐ12:38, Marissa Should 27thÐ13:07, Maria Roeser 30thÐ13:18 and Kaitlyn Truenow 33rd-14:06.

Coach Holly Hansen said "Our team has a bunch of first timers and young talent. It will be fun to watch how they grow as competitors and athletes. I am very excited to work with such great potential."

B-B-E Meet

The Cross Country team taveled to Brooten Thursday, Sept. 9,

to compete in the B-B-E Invitational meet. There were 14 teams taking part in the meet on this cool, windy and rainy day.

The girls' varsity runners with place and time were Molly Hesse 22ndÐ17:07, Raelynn Callander 26thÐ17:23, Renee Berg 36thÐ17:56, Samantha Stuve 53rdÐ19:20 Jennifer Notch 57thÐ19:52, Kelsey Libbesmeier 60thÐ21:09 and Olivia Fischer 64thÐ23:36.

Brett Mattice placed 22nd in the boys' junior varsity race with a time of 21:16.

The girls' junior varsity team took fourth place with a score of 143. The individual runners were Kayla Overland 15thÐ19:41, Erin Dingmann 25thÐ21:25, Nicole Orth 32ndÐ22:37, Megan Libbesmeier 34thÐ22:18 McKenzie Libbesmeier 37thÐ23:40, Jaren Thell 8thÐ23:52 and Brooke Merten 40thÐ25:08.

The junior high girls' runners were Brooke Winter 3rdÐ11:55, Denzel Atherton 12thÐ12:54, Lauren Libbesmeier 14thÐ12:58, Madison Libbesmeier 18thÐ13:09 Grace Kopitzke 23rdÐ13:44, Stephanea Roeser 25thÐ13:48 and Maria Roeser 31stÐ14:07.

Coach Holly Hansen said "We got to run in the rain again, but I am not complaining, at least this year I haven't had to worry about heat-related issues. Last year we had lots of heat cramps."

The next meets are at Ananadale (Whispering Pines Golf Course) Sept. 13, and NLS (Little Crow Golf Course) Sept. 16.