EV-W-K Cross Country results

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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By Terry Nelson

The Cross Country team travel competed at the Maple Lake Invitational meet Thursday Sept. 2. Fourteen schools attended the meet.

The girls' varsity placed seventh with a score of 170. The individual varsity runners with place and time were Molly Hesse 12thÐ18:23, Raelynn Callander 16thÐ18:33, Samantha Stuve 43rdÐ20:53, Jennifer Notch 49thÐ21:10, Kayla Overland 50thÐ21:13 and Megan Libbesmeier 63rdÐ24:25.

The girls' junior varsity took second place with a team score of 111. The Individual JV runners were Erin Dingmann 13thÐ23:09, Nicole Orth 18thÐ23:35, McKenzie Libbesmeier 25thÐ27:48, Janessa Dahle 27thÐ28:50 and Brooke Merten 28thÐ28:57.

Brett Mattice took 10th place with a time of 10:01 in the junior high boys' race.

The junior high girls took second place with a team score of 59. The junior high girl runners were Brooke Winter second-10:49, Grace Kopitzke 10thÐ11:42, Madison Libbesmeier 11thÐ11:50, Denzel Atherton 14thÐ12:09, Stephanea Roeser 20thÐ12:38, Marissa Should 27thÐ13:07, Maria Roeser 30thÐ13:18 and Kaitlyn Truenow 33rd-14:06.

Coach Holly Hansen said "Our team has a bunch of first timers and young talent. It will be fun to watch how they grow as competitors and athletes. I am very excited to work with such great potential."

B-B-E Meet

The Cross Country team taveled to Brooten Thursday, Sept. 9,

to compete in the B-B-E Invitational meet. There were 14 teams taking part in the meet on this cool, windy and rainy day.

The girls' varsity runners with place and time were Molly Hesse 22ndÐ17:07, Raelynn Callander 26thÐ17:23, Renee Berg 36thÐ17:56, Samantha Stuve 53rdÐ19:20 Jennifer Notch 57thÐ19:52, Kelsey Libbesmeier 60thÐ21:09 and Olivia Fischer 64thÐ23:36.

Brett Mattice placed 22nd in the boys' junior varsity race with a time of 21:16.

The girls' junior varsity team took fourth place with a score of 143. The individual runners were Kayla Overland 15thÐ19:41, Erin Dingmann 25thÐ21:25, Nicole Orth 32ndÐ22:37, Megan Libbesmeier 34thÐ22:18 McKenzie Libbesmeier 37thÐ23:40, Jaren Thell 8thÐ23:52 and Brooke Merten 40thÐ25:08.

The junior high girls' runners were Brooke Winter 3rdÐ11:55, Denzel Atherton 12thÐ12:54, Lauren Libbesmeier 14thÐ12:58, Madison Libbesmeier 18thÐ13:09 Grace Kopitzke 23rdÐ13:44, Stephanea Roeser 25thÐ13:48 and Maria Roeser 31stÐ14:07.

Coach Holly Hansen said "We got to run in the rain again, but I am not complaining, at least this year I haven't had to worry about heat-related issues. Last year we had lots of heat cramps."

The next meets are at Ananadale (Whispering Pines Golf Course) Sept. 13, and NLS (Little Crow Golf Course) Sept. 16.