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Open-enrolled families are good for Kimball

I have heard some people say that parents who open-enroll their kids should not be helping on the "Because Our Kids Matter" levy committee or be promoting the levy. I really have trouble understanding why this is.

There are currently 92 students open-enrolled at Kimball in grades K-12. That is more than one-tenth of the student population. These kids are bringing with them about $6,000 worth of funding per student, per year from the state, that would otherwise go to their own district. So, since we who open-enroll supposedly should not support/promote the levy, then should we leave? Should we also stop spending money in Kimball?

Last Thursday, I got my hair done at Studio 44 in Fairhaven, I got gas at Schmidty's Tesoro, I got parts at Arnold's, I went to the bank, I picked up our son's senior proofs at Images by Marguerite, I went to the chiropractor (Dr. Spaulding), AND I bought a bunch of groceries at Gohmann's. Last night my husband Kevin and I went to eat at Triple R.

We live half-way between St. Cloud and Kimball, so we have a choice: we can either go north or south to do all of these things. We also buy $5,000 worth of farm fuel each year from Land O'Lakes. We get our meat processed at Knaus'. We probably wouldn't do any of these things if our kids did not go to school in Kimball.

It is because of the friends we have made over the years, and the ties we have to Kimball that we CHOOSE to bring our business here. It all started with Kevin coaching youth wrestling, which he did for 12 years. We have supported and given of ourselves to the schools and the community of Kimball. Our youngest son will graduate in 2011. We have for all these years gone to many football games, watched our sons and their buddies wrestle, and have really been proud to be Kimball Cubs. Why in the world would we send our kids to Kimball to school and then sit back and not promote the levy?

It is not our intention just to make YOUR taxes go up. We have been paying our taxes to St. Cloud School District since 1988, and not used any of it. If the kids who are open-enrolled left Kimball, the district would lose approximately $550,000 each year in state funding. Just think, the schools wouldn't get that money PLUS those parents probably wouldn't spend as much money in Kimball.

We like the Kimball schools and think they are worth saving. We are fighting, so PLEASE join the fight, don't fight us.

Julie Kieke, Luxemburg