Cutting opportunity

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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As a former Kimball graduate I would like to share a few of my thoughts on the upcoming operating levy that will be facing the Kimball Area School District. I am no longer a resident of the district as my current job has moved me out of state, but I hope to someday move back to the area and send my children to the school that opened many doors for me. Throughout my days in Kimball, I always tried to be active and took advantage of the academics and extracurricular activities Kimball had to offer. These programs were huge in developing myself as a person and also set me up for success after graduation. It is only right that current and future students in the Kimball District are presented with these similar opportunities.

Throughout high school there were many great programs that I had the good fortune to participate in, but in particular I want to focus on College in the Classroom. I feel KAHS's option for college courses sets Kimball apart from other schools and had a huge impact on me and where I am today. Through these courses that I took during my junior and senior years of high school I was able to accumulate 40 college credits in the comfort of my regular high school classroom and never had to spend a dime on books or tuition. I can estimate that taking advantage of these courses saved me thousands of dollars in tuition, books, and room and board. I am not totally aware of what the surrounding high schools offer for college courses, but from my experiences I have not met anyone from a school that offered more on site college credits than Kimball Area.

College in the Classroom was only the first domino to the multiple opportunities that ensued as a result of getting a step ahead. With these college credits I earned in high school, I was able to earn a bachelors degree in accounting in three years without ever taking a summer course. I was able to accept an internship and start my professional career far earlier than anyone my age, and even now today, as an accountant, I am further along in my career path than many of my co-workers who graduated high school 2 or 3 years before I did. I know there are many other Kimball graduates who can tell a similar story and it's largely because of Kimball's College in the Classroom program.

This is a real life example of what the Kimball District has to offer and the future opportunities it opens up for its students. College in the Classroom is just one of the many programs that the district will not be able to support if the upcoming levy does not pass. There are many other programs and clubs in academics, arts, and athletics that will be cut as well. Many of these are programs that I feel are especially vital to a school in a small community and its ability to provide a quality education. Cutting these programs deprives current and future students of not only the opportunity to be an active student, but it also deprives them of endless future opportunities. The community of Kimball and the youth deserve to have a school that provides the best education possible. For the future of the community and the future of the students, please vote yes.

Erich Deutsch