Tricounty News

Kimball Days and the November Levy

Well, another successful Kimball Days was held this past weekend. I heard many wonderful comments regarding the events that were held, especially having the children's events at St. Anne's.

Now I want to take this opportunity to express my desire for those in our community to support the Levy for "our kids" this coming November. It was the voice of community members that had an influence on keeping the parade on Sundays. We need that same commitment to support the continuation of our school presence within our community. It is the "tradition" of Kimball to have a school just like it is "tradition" to have our parade on Sunday afternoon.

Schools within communities provide the base of pride for our city, through our many activities that are offered in our district. You heard the drum roll of our school band, you had a taco in a bag from our cheerleaders, and you had the opportunity to see the vision of our young children and their dreams for a career. Kimball schools offer all of this to our children now and for the future. Without the Levy in November, many of these programs may be in jeopardy.

The volleyball, softball and bean bag tournament bring back many alumni to the community to gather and celebrate their "Kimball Pride." Without a school in our community, there would be no alumni to gather as our district most likely will be separated among many districts.

The city of Kimball and our schools are closely intertwined, we need each other. Now we need all of you to vote YES in November to keep our school within our community. Many of you spoke out about keeping the parade on Sundays. Let's now speak out to keep our schools within our city by supporting the levy in November.

Becky Kastanek