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Another great Kimball Days

In case you weren't around to notice, Kimball Days was this past weekend. There were a few minor glitches, as always, but all in all things went swimmingly.

Weather cooperated with the Kimball Days schedule. We just missed the severe storms and steamy days of earlier in the week. We got rain, and there were some soggy fields and surfaces for some of the events, but the actual rainfall was well-timed. Even the shower before the street dance was well before the band took the stage.

Little Miss Kimball was crowned Friday night: Hannah Ehlinger. To commemorate Chris Jeppesen's last year working with the contest, Little Miss Kimballs and princesses from the past 15 years came to surprise Chris on stage.

Saturday's kids' activities were at St. Anne's Church this year, in the lawn between the church and Highway 55. By all reports, this worked out well: ample parking, visible from the highway, ample space for the activities, and no "competition" from the adult activities that were still in Willow Creek Park.

Sunday's parade set off right at 2, but in a whole new direction Ð literally. The staging area was at

St. Anne's (instead of the high school on the other side of town). I had to change my vantage point this year. I've always been out at the corner of Highway 15 and Hazel Avenue taking pictures of the parade, but the highway is no longer part of the route (saving the city lots of money and aggravation). This year Marguerite Laabs took photos and I took video of the parade. We were both near the start of the parade, in the shade on Hazel Avenue. I've got to say that's much nicer than standing in the middle of the highway.

It's always great to see our community Ð and I do mean the "greater" community that includes everyone with any connection to Kimball, no matter where they happen to live Ð come together in celebration. For three days, we get to postpone many of our everyday cares and worries and just have fun.

The Kimball Days committee, a group of volunteers who put a lot of time and effort into planning and executing this year's Kimball Days, will meet at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 26, at city hall to wrap up this year's festivities. If you enjoyed Kimball Days, especially any of the new things, be sure to thank someone on the committee!