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Kimball Kruisers 4-H report

Our exciting meeting April 17 was about pets and showing animals at the fair. Roll call was: what is your favorite color? Green was the most liked. Kimball Kruisers got second place at Share-the-Fun competition Sunday, April 11, at Litchfield High School. Our skit was about "City meets 4-H Country." Also, that day was Performing Arts competition. The winners from our club include: Kari Schiefelbein (Grand Champion Beginner), Andi Schiefelbein (Grand Champion Intermediate) and Chelsey Maus (Reserve Champion Senior). Congratulations to all Kimball Kruisers performers!

Kimball Kruisers will pass out trees to the students at Kimball Elementary School Friday, April 30, for Arbor Day. We will ditch-clean at 4 p.m. Sunday, April 25, on the Golf Course Road. May 1st is the deadline for adding or dropping projects for the fair. Beth Nelson was one of our guest speakers, and she talked about Pet Project Areas. At the fair, the categories are cats, dogs and others. 4-Hers talk about their animals and show them, or they can do a poster showing information about their pets. Kayla Myers talked about the Horse Project Area. There are seven classes, but four main ones. 4-Hers can do game or pleasure. The horse fair is July 31. Jennifer Schiefelbein talked about winning project areas. She talked about how to win ribbons. First, the 4-Her should pick an area he or she likes. School projects are acceptable. Another way is to Google an idea; magazines can help, too. Second, meet the deadline. Third, the project should be done to perfection. Fourth, start early on the project so it is not rushed and looks sloppy. Each 4-Her should practice for the questions the judge will ask. The final thing is to make a great impression on the judge. Thanks, Jennifer, Beth and Kayla, for the great information about project areas. We surely had an interesting meeting!

Andrew Massmann

Kimball Kruisers Reporter