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What do troopers do besides write tickets?

Minnesota State Patrol

Dear Trooper Kathy: I know this might be a wide open question, but what kind of things are the State Patrol involved in that might be of interest to the general public that we may or may not know about? For instance, what do you do besides write speeding tickets?

Trooper Kathy Says: Wow, that is wide open. Well, there should be no doubt that we are a patrol agency, and that our primary focus is traffic safety. While most people probably see troopers pulling vehicles over on the roadways, we are involved in much more than I could write in this column in one sitting. Like other agencies, we have been changing with the times as necessary. Generally, we are working to reduce the deaths, injuries, property damage, and other life-changing events on Minnesota's roadways.

The Minnesota State Patrol is constantly working to maximize service to the public and provide assistance to other agencies. We also want to recruit, develop, and retain a quality, yet diverse, workforce. Some of the things we get involved with include aviation support, air searches, crash investigation and reconstruction, commercial vehicle enforcement, executive protection, homeland security, K-9 patrols, motor vehicle crimes investigation, Special Response Team unit deployment, Public Information/media collaboration, training, recruitment, public education and many other important involvements. We still write speeding tickets and deal with other traffic offenses, too!

The Minnesota State Patrol is constantly working with other law-enforcement agencies on special enforcement projects. We know that by working together, we can accomplish more. Some of these involve long-term specially funded projects as well as on-duty short term enforcement events. Our current mission statement states that we are a progressive law enforcement agency providing service to Minnesota's residents, visitors, and allied agencies. I know we are going to continue working hard to reduce crashes and keep motorists safe on our roads on traffic safety as long as necessary and yes, that includes enforcing speed limits!

If you have any questions regarding traffic safety and/or traffic laws, please e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Sgt. Pederson will not offer advice on specific situations or real events, which involve law enforcement.