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Litchfield Satellites 4-H Club

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! The Litchfield Satellites 4-H club has been talking a lot about that. This month, club members shared some great tips on reducing, reusing, and recycling. You could reuse plastic Easter eggs, reuse the backs of old school papers, have different bins to sort out recyclables, make mini purses with old jean pockets, and make scarves out of old shirts. There is a new 4-H foodstand up, and people are getting it ready for the fair. Next time you drive by the fairgrounds, be sure to look at the new foodstand! We had visitors come in and talk to us about "Arts In." They came to try to show members how much fun it is, so that more people will join it. Miranda and Elijah Michaletz did a project talk on rabbits. They even brought in some of their rabbits, which was great fun for club members to see and pet. Monday, May 10, our club will meet at Haug Implement at 6:30 for ditch pick-up. Our club meeting will follow the ditch pick-up at 7:30 at Zion Lutheran church.


Jane Hulterstrum