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Early history of Kimball is filled with items of interest Reprinted from the Tri-County Messenger dated Thursday, October 1, 1936. V. H. Mason, Editor Part III

Study Club elects

The Kimball Study Club was organized at the home of Mrs. E. Hilary Friday afternoon. Miss Noan Anderson of St. Cloud explained the work which is carried on through the Extension Service Department of Washington. The subject will be Home Management.

The following officers were elected: president, Mrs. E. Hilary; secretary, Mrs. Bullivant; leaders, Mrs. W. Phillips and Mrs. Ed Olson; reporter, Mrs. L Gasser.

Kimball P.T.A. held its first meeting

Mr. Smuddle of St. Cloud Teachers College was the main speaker.

The first P.T.A. meeting of the year for the Kimball schools was held in the new school auditorium on Wednesday evening. The organization voted not to join the national organization but to remain a local chapter as they have the past two years. Committees for the coming year were appointed by the president, Mrs. Arthur Markwardt. It was voted to hold the regular meetings of the year on the second Wednesday of each month.

The project committee for the beautification of the grounds, which was appointed last year, were instructed to proceed with their work as soon as the condition of the grounds warranted. A project committee for the current year was instructed to investigate the possibility of a hot lunch project for the coming year. With the large number of country children that are attending school here, it would seem that such a project is greatly to be desired; however, the possibility of adding a burden to an already heavy schedule which the superintendent and the entire faculty is carrying, would be an imposition, and it was decided that a definite method of handling such a project should be worked out before final action is taken.

Mr. Smuddle of the teachers college faculty of St. Cloud, was the speaker of the evening and gave an inspirational address. He complimented the people of the district upon the completion of such a fine school plant. The principal point that he made in his address was that the physical plant was worthless, if it was not used in a manner that would build children of character as well as students of books. That the responsibility of the older people was not released by the furnishing of the school plant, but that they must proceed further by taking an active interest in all school activities, lend their influence to the superintendent and faculty in directing activities of the school in the proper direction, and in accomplishing of these things that petty grievances and differences must be overlooked in order that the morale of the student body be kept on a high plane.

After the meeting a fine lunch was served by the committee in charge. It was decided that henceforth there would be a charge of 5¢ per person made for the lunch, expenses to be deducted and any remaining balance to go to the Band Fund. About 140 persons were in attendance, one of the largest crowds ever to attend, which should indicate much wholesome interest in the work of the organization and assure it a successful year.

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Thank you for visiting our exhibit booth during Kimball's seventh annual community and business Expo March 27. Door prize winners will be shown in this column April 22.

Mark your calendars: April 27 "Grasshopper Plague" will be featured by Duane Stanley. See more detail here April 22. It's a program never done in Kimball before, so you won't want to miss it.

The City Hall project of restoration continues, your name would look great on the permanent plaque.

Real facts on teamwork:

Migratory birds such as ducks and geese fly in "V" formation which allows them to fly 71 percent greater distance than they could if they were flying solo. Ducks and geese quack and honk to encourage those up front to keep up speed. At a horse pull in Canada, one horse pulled 8,000 pounds, another 9,000 pounds. Together they were expected to pull 17,000, but the two actually pulled 30,000 pounds.

This is exactly how it works in our society with the great volunteers who greet you and make everything sound and look and taste so terrific. Thank you volunteers. Be one!

All the above is the heartbeat of what we do. Join us. Write or call the Kimball Area Historical Society, Box 100, Kimball MN 55353, (320) 398-5743, 398-5250, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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