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KAHS insrumental solo and ensemble contest March 8

Monday, March 8, 41 students in 18 events from the Kimball Area High School Band participated in State/Region Solo and Ensemble Contest at New London-Spicer High School, with great success. Ten events earned State Superior ratings (the highest possible in MSHSL competition), six events earned State Excellent and two events earned Sub-Section Superior. The following are the results of that contest:

Earning a State Superior (the highest rating possible): Erin Gilpatrick-flute solo; Chelsey Maus-flute solo; Tesslynn Callander-alto sax solo; Megan Jones-flute solo; Maria Donnay-flute solo; Erin Gilpatrick and Abby Zoller-flute duet; Molly Hurrle, Kelsey Vigoren, Larissa Gohmann, Rachel Arnold, Erin Dingmann-percussion ensemble; Erin Gilpatrick, Chelsey Maus, Abby Zoller, Megan Libbesmeier, Shantel Tschida, Brooke Merten, Shannon Donnay, Natalie Stein, Melody Rose, Tara Matthiesen, Tesslynn Callander, Cora Gohmann, Sydney Ashbrook, Molly Hurrle, Holly Erickson and Sarah Messer-woodwind choir; Sydney Ashbrook and Jenna Maus-tenor sax duet; and Erin Gilpatrick, Chelsey Maus and Abby Zoller-flute trio.

Earning a State Excellent: Shantel Tschida-clarinet solo; Abby Zoller-flute solo; Chelsie Colwill-flute solo; Megan Jones and Maria Donnay-flute duet; Shannon Donnay, Natalie Stein and Paiten Schreiner-clarinet trio; and Katelyn Asfeld, Tara Matthiesen and Sheila Konz-mixed clarinet trio.

Earning a Sub-Section Superior: Olivia Fischer, Megan Libbesmeier and Beth Libbesmeier-mixed woodwind ensemble; and Michael Rose, Austin Roerick, Stacy Gregory, Kelsey Theisen, Kristina Mackereth, Abby Konz, Tiffany Berscheid, Rachel Lahr, Peter Frank, Allan Mancini, Pat Libbesmeier, Raa'heem Leach and Alissa Jones-brass choir.

In addition, three students were honored with "Best of Site" awards which are given to the top performer in each performance site chosen from the 24 events in each site. These award winners were: Erin Gilpatrick-flute solo; Chelsey Maus-flute solo; and Erin Gilpatrick and Abby Zoller-flute duet. Also, the trio performance of the above listed students tied for yet another Best of Site but came in second on judges criteria. These young ladies all deserve great commendation for their hard work and diligence in preparing for an award-winning contest.

All of these students not only represented the Kimball Bands with their musical skills, but also well-represented the Kimball community with their maturity and desire for success. Please congratulate these students both for their musical accomplishments and for their positive representation of our Kimball community, as a whole.

Keith Haake