Kimball Kruisers 4-H Report

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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The Kimball Kruisers monthly 4-H meeting began at 6 p.m., March 7, at St. Anne's Church. Sue Massmann gave an update about our club's cookie dough sales. The orders will be delivered March 18. Abbey Schiefelbein talked about Food Review and Demonstration Day, held in Litchfield March 6. Congratulations to Kari, Abbey and Shelby Schiefelbein and Jenna Maus for their awards. Great job! Congratulations to our Cloverbud participants: Luci Schiefelbein and Jackie Massmann. Congratulations to the other participants: Trinity Erickson, Andrew Massmann, Andi Schiefelbein, Payton Schiefelbein and Jonathan Massmann. Our club represented 50 percent of the participants that day. Way to go, Kimball Kruisers. The weather has finally gotten warmer so the Kimball Kruisers' members will take down the Christmas lights at Willow Creek Park and pack them away until November. Family Fun Night is Monday, March 15, at Litchfield, in the Family Services Building. There will be fun activities for the 4-Hers with the Federation Meeting to follow. Performing Arts Day and Share the Fun skits are Sunday, April 11, at 1 p.m. in the Little Theatre at Litchfield High School. Come and see the local talent.

Kimball Kruisers will pass out trees or shrubs to students at Kimball Elementary for Arbor Day. Project talks included Stephanie Hurrle, who talked about a pillow she made. It was very colorful. Jacob Borman showed us a rocket he made and explained how it runs. Stacey Hurrle talked about her tie blanket, and Mitchell Hurrle showed his blanket he made by sewing squares together. Kari Schiefelbein and Payton Schiefelbein gave their demonstrations that they did at Demonstration Day. Kari showed us how to make a dream catcher. Indians made them for children who had bad dreams. You weave a web in the circle, and beads or charms can be added in the middle of the web. Strings hang from the bottom of the dream catcher. You can put feathers on the end of the strings and then attach a string to the top so you can hang it up. Payton demonstrated how to make a paper airplane called a basic square. He brought other planes for us to see. Some of us made an airplane as he told us the steps. Some of the planes flew across the room well.

Marcia Hilbert taught us how to use self defense to keep ourselves safe. We practiced with the self defense pads she brought. We learned how to use our voices, hands and feet to protect ourselves. One way is to use our fingers to poke into someone's eyes. This is called "peppering the eyes". She reminded us these moves are to be used for self defense if we're being harmed, not on brothers or sisters.

Our next 4-H meeting is Sunday, April 18, at 6 p.m. at St. Anne's Church in Kimball. We will learn about project areas so we can start preparing for the Fair. If you would like to know more about 4-H and fair projects, come and check it out at our next meeting.

Andrew Massmann

Kimball Kruisers reporter