Tricounty News

Paul Anderson, 1920-2009

Your health was fading, and God saw you suffering.

He knew it was your time to depart to a better place.

You were taken out to the farm, a place you loved so much.

It was there you stayed until the end.

As you were awake for a day or so, we sang hymns and reminisced of days in the past.

The days went on and we stayed by your side.

You brought the family closer, in ways you could not see.

The time we had with you was special and hard at the same time.

Many memories were made; many tears were shed.

We all love you so very much.

Family gatherings just are not the same without you and Adam around.

It is so uplifting to know that one day we will all be together again.

Until that day, we will be missing you, always.

Thank you Amy and Nick for having him in your home.

Thank you to all who helped us through this difficult time.

Ruby (wife) and children Paula, Dale & family;

Elaine & family; Bruce, Toody & family; Amy, Nick & family