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Stearns County Dairy Princesses crowned

Six young ladies were crowned as Stearns County Dairy Princesses at the coronation held Saturday evening, March 6, at the Freeport Community Center. A total of 11 candidates competed in the judging. The day began with a speech, personal interviews, lunch with the judges, and finally a mock media interview. The princess candidates were judged on communication skills, personality, enthusiasm for dairy promotion and general knowledge of the dairy industry. The three judges for the day were: Jim Ostlie, Minnesota Department of Agriculture Livestock Development Specialist; Kristine Spadgenske, Midwest Dairy Association, MN Division/Dairy Producer; Seena Glessing, Dassel-Cokato Ag Instructor/Dairy Producer.

The six Dairy Princesses are: Emily Achen, daughter of Craig and Cindy Achen; Jill Felling, daughter of Cyril and Deb Felling; Joylynn Hadrich, daughter of Dale and Corrine Hadrich; Katherine Holdvogt, daughter of Alvin and Bernie Holdvogt; Hannah Molitor, daughter of Joe and the late Shirley Molitor; and Hannah Schaefer, daughter of Ron and Maureen Schaefer.

The six Dairy Princesses will serve as goodwill ambassadors for the dairy industry over the next year, promoting safe and wholesome dairy products. Also, each princess has the opportunity to attend a statewide training seminar held in May and compete for one of 12 spots for Princess Kay of the Milky.

Stearns County American Dairy Association also awards two scholarships. This year's winners are: Emily Achen and Hannah Schaefer.

Hannah Molitor was named Miss Congeniality.

The six Dairy Ambassadors for Stearns County are: Kayla Hartung, daughter of Gene and JoAnn Hartung; Kristen Herdering, daughter of Steve and Pam Herdering; Kirsten Meier, daughter of Vernon and Michelle Meier; Savana Weller, daughter of Jim and Jackie Weller; and Cindy Willenbring, daughter of Jerome and Barb Willenbring.