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REGULAR MEETING Unofficial Minutes Board of Education February 10, 2010

Ind. School District 739

Kimball, MN

The meeting was called to order by Chair Helgeson at 6:00 p.m. with all members present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance.

Gagnon/Zipoy approved the agenda as presented. MC

There were no community items.

Celebrations and successes of students and staff included wrestling vs. EV-W on the 9th; Speech is doing well and hosting their annual Sweet Heart Breakfast on Sunday the 14th. JV Knowledge Bowl team took first place against EV-W on 2/4. Mr. Holmseth received an e-mail thanking Keith Haake and the pep band for playing Holdingford's school song. Kelsey Vigoren, although she did not win, represented Kimball Schools very well at the AAA banquet last week. The spelling bee was won by Erin Diffley.

The proposed 2010-2011 school calendar was reviewed and discussed. Changes include the elementary school moving to trimesters, and day-long conference days built in to the calendar to accommodate family schedules. The calendar will be brought to the March meeting for adoption.

Mr. Widvey reported on pre-registration for grades 8-11; final registration on March 4th. A senior class meeting will be held on February 11. Day one of testing involves all students in grades 7-11; seniors to come later in the morning to provide campus clean-up instead of classes. February 24 is the Honors Breakfast, conferences will be held on the 17th and 22nd. There was a glitch with the report cards sent out after semester 1, omitting some grades for some of the 8th grade students. This problem has been resolved. The Minnesota Student Survey will be conducted for students in grades 3, 6, 9, and 12, this spring.

Mr. Clark reported on the first night of conferences on the 9th, grade 4-6 music program scheduled for March 4, Kindergarten Round-up scheduled for March 11th, and MCA tests have been ordered. The all-school fundraiser will kick off on February 18, through March 4th.

Mr. Tritabaugh reported on upcoming meetings: February 17 - Benton-Stearns Education District, February 22 - Kimball City Council/Maine Prairie joint meeting, February 24 - Health & Safety Committee, March 4 - Budget Committee, and March 17 - Benton-Stearns Education District, Meet & Confer, and Regular Board Meeting. A certificate was given to each member for School Board Member Recognition Week which is February 22-25. Mr. Tritabaugh will be out of state February 11-17, and also March 6-14.

Committee reports included: SEE - Dockery, Budget Committee - Mr. Tritabaugh, Student/Board Relations - Zipoy.

Communications included a number of comments regarding the proposed field trip policy received by Chair Helgeson.

Stenger/Dockery approved the listed bills in the amount of $139,816.89. MC

Dockery/Zipoy approved the consent agenda including approval minutes of January 20, 2000 Re-Organizational Board Meeting, and accepting a donation of $100.00 from the Mark and Donna Roerick toward the purchase of Accelerated Reader quizzes. MC

The treasurer's report was reviewed and discussed.

Zipoy/Gagnon approved spring coaching assignments.

Helgeson/Schreiner approved Policy IGDF - Student Fund Raising Activities, presented with revisions included as discussed at the January meeting. Motion carried with Stenger opposing.

Dockery/Stenger approved Policy IICA - Field Trips and Excursions, striking the first bullet from the policy. The first bullet read "Only same day field trips for students in grades K-5 (or 4?)." MC

Chair Helgeson proposed holding a Focus Night for discussion of various topics. It was decided that at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, March 1, the topics of AYP, NCLB, Testing, and PSEO within the District would be discussed. This Focus Night is not a meeting of the school board, but rather a public discussion of the topics listed.

Stenger/Gagnon adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Robin Dockery, Clerk

(This is a summary of the full minutes of the School Board. To obtain a full copy of the official minutes, contact the District Office at 398-5585, or check the District Web site at

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010.