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VFW #5460 benefit for Kaisha Beumer

The VFW post 5460 is hosting a breakfast and silent auction benefit for Kaisha Marie Beumer, daughter of Craig and Jelaine Beumer of Watkins, and granddaughter of Marie and Bob Jacobs.

The benefit will be 8 a.m. to noon Sunday, Feb. 21, at the Watkins Village Hall.

Kaisha Marie Beumer was born Sept. 11, 2009. Although five weeks early, Kaisha was small but seemed healthy and was sent home after a few short days at the hospital. Oct. 5, things would change. Kaisha had become rather fussy through the weekend and Jelaine decided a trip to the doctor was in order. After a short visit at the doctor's office in Buffalo, Kaisha was immediately sent to the emergency room and quickly admitted at Buffalo hospital where she was baptized and rushed to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. It was discovered later, much of her life-threatening symptoms were the result of severe dehydration. But what was causing the dehydration was not going to be easy to diagnose. It has been more than four months now, since she has been hospitalized, Kaisha has now been transferred to Children's in Cincinnati, where they may be able to help her better. Dozens of specialists and thousands of tests have been run on little Kaisha. No answers have yet been found. She has been stable much of the time, growing and developing just as she should. However, there have been many terrifying trips in and out of the PICU, on and off life support. Kaisha's most consistent symptoms seem to be issues in her gastro-intestinal track, unable to retain what she has eaten or any fluids. Most recently, Kaisha developed a very aggressive, life-threatening pneumonia. This led doctors to believe her immune system was compromised. However, she is now recovering from the pneumonia much faster than expected and her immune tests are coming back normal again. Throughout this constant battle, Jelaine has returned to work after her maternity leave. Craig, since, has now traveled with Kaisha to Cincinnati, while Jelaine needed to stay home to continue to work. Kaisha's continuing story can be read at: