Kimball wrestling results

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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Wrestlers go 5-1 on the week

The Cubs started the week off Tuesday, Jan. 19, with a quad against Pierz, Osakis and Zimmerman. First up was a much-improved team from Pierz. The Pioneers came ready to wrestle and had their full line-up for the first time this year, which was just too much for the banged-up Cubs. The Cubs started with a 10-0 lead on Pierz, with a fall out of Marcus Hamer(103) and a major decision out of Tanner Mills(112). Pierz kept the match close all the way through, giving only a decision to Tyler Kuechle(125); and Jordan Joseph won on a major decision(135), to tie the score at 17-17. Caramon Hansen(140) and Travis Schiefelbein(160) recorded quick pins to regain the lead for the Cubs 29-21. Pierz won three out of the next four weights by pins, to take the lead away from the Cubs and get the win. Alex Thurber(215) broke up the winning streak for Pierz with a pin of his own, giving the Cubs a 35 to 31 lead going into heavyweight. Pierz had been forfeiting the heavyweight match all year because their heavyweight had not been able to make weight, but he did Tuesday, weighing in at 286.4, the max weight for heavyweight is 287. This giant had about a foot and a half on Cody and out-weighed him by over 30 pounds. Cody fought a tough match, but when the giant fell, we came out on the wrong end of it.

Pierz 37, Kimball Area 35

103 Marcus Hamer (K) Fall Cody Meyer (P) :24

112 Tanner Mills (K) Maj. Dec. Brad Meyer (P) 13-1

119 Brandon Sullivan (P) Fall Justin Huhn (K) 3:10

125 Tyler Kuechle (K) Dec. Brett Brausen (P) 7-2

130 Josh Lanners (P) Tech. Fall Tanner Meierhofer (K) 4:0

135 Clint Poster (P) Won by Forfeit

140 Jordan Joseph (K) Maj. Dec. Cody VanZee (P) 12-4

145 Caramen Hansen (K) Fall Nick Lochner (P) :52

152 John Omann (P) Maj. Dec. Mitch Prammann (K) 14-3

160 Travis Schiefelbein (K) Fall Jesse Nordmann (P) :42

171 Nathan Tomala (P) Fall Travis Wills (K) 1:35

189 Sean Huls (P) Maj. Dec. Austin Schiefelbein (K) 12-2

215 Alex Thurber (K) Fall Ryley Smude (P) 1:59

285 Dylan Peterson (P) Fall Cody Mackereth (K) :49

After losing two in a row, the coaching staff had a heart to heart talk with the guys and needed them to get fired up for Osakis, a section opponent. The guys responded well, as they wrestled with determination against Osakis, and came up on top with a 49-30 win. The Cubs continued their dominating way, as they went against Zimmerman to end the night with a 64-9 win.

Kimball Area 49, Osakis 30

103: Marcus Hamer (K) fall Todd Berberich (O) 1:04

112: Tanner Mills (K) fall Nick Wolterstorff (O) 3:42

119: Derek Stoetzel (O) fall Justin Huhn (K) 4:57

125: Tyler Kuechle (K) fall Nick Sunder (O) 1:51

130: Cole Erie (O) forf  ()

135: Jordan Joseph (K) fall Austin Collins (O) 4:37

140: Caramon Hansen (K) fall Dain Johnson (O) :35

145: Mitch Pramann (K) maj Donnie Becerra (O) 12-1

152: Travis Schiefelbein (K) fall James Gabrielson (O) 2:21

160: Nikolaj Hagen (O) fall Tyler Filzen (K) 1:35

171: Trent Johnson (O) fall Travis Wills (K) 4:46

189: Alex Thurber (K) dec Chris Ludwig (O) 3-1

215: Austin Schiefelbein (K) fall Garrett Scherr (O) 5:05

Hwt: Cody Torkelson (O) forf ()

Kimball Area 64, Zimmerman 9

103: Marcus Hamer (K) fall Carter Nielson (Z) 2:50

112: Tanner Mills (K) fall Harter Smith (Z) 1:01

119: Zach Stepan (Z) fall Justin Huhn (K) 1:05

125: () dblforf ()

130: Tyler Kuechle (K) fall Tyler Diethart (Z) 1:14

135: Jordan Joseph (K) fall Mitch Rymer (Z) 3:12

140: Caramon Hansen (K) fall Weston Schwartz (Z) 3:09

145: Mitch Pramann (K) forf ()

152: Travis Schiefelbein (K) forf ()

160: Travis Wills (K) fall Steven Johnson (Z) 1:47

171: Tyler Filzen (K) injdef Mitch Robinson (Z)

189: Alex Thurber (K) maj Quinn Rasmussen (Z) 11-0

215: Austin Schiefelbein (K) fall Zach Copic (Z) 2:32

Hwt: Albin Sterneman (Z) dec Cody Mackereth (K) 6-2

The next quad for the Cubs was Thursday, Jan. 21, against Rockford, Norwwod Young America, and Ogilvie. Rockford is another conference match for the Cubs. Rockford came in with half of a team due to sickness, injuries and eligibility issues. The Cubs kept wrestling well, even with a couple guys out themselves, they made short work of Rockford, as they beat them 70-9.

Kimball Area 70, Rockford 9

103: Marcus Hamer (K) maj Ty Griffin (R) 10-1

112: Tanner Mills (K) fall Olek Galka (R) 1:30

119: Justin Huhn (K) forf ()

125: Andrew Patnode (R) dec Tyler Kuechle (K) 11-6

130: Tanner Meierhofer (K) forf ()

135: Jordan Joseph (K) fall Dylan Graunke (R) 1:20

140: Caramon Hansen (K) forf ()

145: Mitch Pramann (K) forf ()

152: John Redepenning (R) fall Travis Schiefelbein (K) 3:59

160: Travis Wills (K) forf ()

171: Tyler Filzen (K) fall Mike Gasper (R) 1:02

189: Alex Thurber (K) fall Adam Jakubowski (R) 3:26

215: Austin Schiefelbein (K) forf ()

Hwt: Cody Mackereth (K) forf ()

Next the Cubs took on Norwood Young America, an old section rival that moved to section four from section five. The Cubs dominated this match all the way, but the match of the night was at 112. Tanner Mills took control of his match and beat eighth-ranked Justin Stevens 9-5 in one of Mills smartest and most aggressive matches this year. The Cubs could have ran up the score on the Raiders, but they double-forfeited at 160 and 171 the Cubs at this point were up 37-4 and because of injuries the Raiders did not have any kids to put out at these weights. The Cubs finished the Raiders off up top, winning the next three weights by pins and taking home the win 55-4.

Kimball Area 55, Norwood Young America 4

103: Marcus Hamer (K) fall Josh Hendel (N) 1:01

112: Tanner Mills (K) dec Justin Stevens (N) 9-4

119: Justin Huhn (K) dec Dustin Hale (N) 9-5

125: Tyler Kuechle (K) forf ()

130: Tim Swanson (N) maj Tanner Meierhofer (K) 10-2

135: Jordan Joseph (K) forf ()

140: Caramon Hansen (K) maj Austin Kidrowski (N) 18-7

145: Mitch Pramann (K) dec Tyler Swanson (N) 5-2

152: Travis Wills (K) fall Zack Thon (N) 1:44

160: () dblforf ()

171: () dblforf ()

189: Austin Schiefelbein (K) fall Tony Hegseth (N) 3:51

215: Alex Thurber (K) fall Brady Buckentine (N) 3:01

Hwt: Cody Mackereth (K) fall Jordan Stevens (N) 2:36

Another exciting match for the Cubs that night was against Ogilvie, and to start it off at 103 pounds was the third-ranked kid in state, Matt Hickerson, and the eighth-ranked kid in state, Kimball's Marcus Hamer. Hickerson was able to catch Hamer in a five-point move to start the match and Marcus had to battle back from there, coming up short in the end, losing 4-11. Marcus is looking forward to the re-match down at the State tournament. Despite losing at 103, the rest of the team stepped up to take care of Ogilvie, winning the match 58-15.

Kimball Area 58, Ogilvie 15

103: Matt Hickerson (O) dec Marcus Hamer (K) 11-4

112: Tanner Mills (K) fall Mike Campbell (O) :34

119: Jake Hickerson (O) fall Justin Huhn (K) 2:33

125: Tyler Kuechle (K) forf ()

130: Brian Hoff (O) dec Tanner Meierhofer (K) 13-6

135: Jordan Joseph (K) fall Collin Mitchell (O) 2:57

140: Caramon Hansen (K) forf ()

145: Mitch Pramann (K) fall Kyle Lindberg (O) 1:38

152: Travis Wills (K) tech Jeremy Carda (O) 17-2

160: Travis Schiefelbein (K) forf ()

171: Luke Zambory (O) dec Tyler Filzen (K) 6-0

189: Austin Schiefelbein (K) forf ()

215: Alex Thurber (K) forf ()

Hwt: Cody Mackereth (K) forf ()

This week, results leave the Cubs at 16-2 overall, 4-1 in the Conference and 6-0 in the Section. Next up for the Cubs will be a quad Jan. 28 at Mound-Westonka, where they will face the host, Orono, and Robbinsdale-Armstrong. Wrestling will start at 5. Friday, Jan. 29, the Cubs will host Royalton, a conference foe. This night will be filled with exciting events as the Cubs' elementary wrestlers will square off against the Royals' young men. This will also be parents' night for the Kimball Wrestlers. The Elementary action will start at 5:30.