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Hendricksons' home destroyed by accidental fire

The Martin and Nora Hendrickson family of Kingston lost their home and everything in it in a fire early Saturday afternoon, Jan. 9.

The Hendricksons built their home in 1987 on a slight hill with a lovely view of nearby fields and woods. The house is now gutted after a fire that likely started in the basement destroyed everything in its path. All that was spared was the attached garage and its contents.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. Nora was home with four of her eight children as well as three friends. It was Nora who called 9-11 after getting everyone out of the house safely.

Meeker County Sheriff's Department responded, and the Dassel and Litchfield Fire Departments worked to put out the fire. Authorities believe the fire was started by accident in the basement, and the fire is not being investigated further.

Martin and Nora and their children - 18-year-old Sara, Karl 15, Dean 13, Brad 12, Heidi 10, Joel 8, Annalisa 6, and Randy 4 - were able to rent a fully furnished home nearby. They hope to rebuilt their home in the Spring.

Martin owns and operates Kingston Auto in Dassel, and the Hendrickson children attend school in Litchfield.