Tricounty News


By a narrow margin (25 to 20), people responding to the invitation to determine the fate of the "Kimball Motel" sign voted that it is a landmark and should stay! On one hand, I'm really surprised anyone would want to see the sign stay, but on the other hand, and I guess the reason I asked the question before doing anything with it, is that there just is something about that old thing.

I received some good comments and suggestions along with people's votes as to what to do with it if it were to come down. A few people had the same idea that I had for it before taking the poll, which was to take it down and hang it on the wall at S.O.B.'s Bar! Matt Knaus e-mailed me and said they would indeed have a place for it to live if it came down, so it would still be in Kimball for all to see. A common comment in various wordings was that, although it is ugly, it has become part of the town, and does have some historical value.

I think all would agree that the sign needs work if it is going to stay, and I have an idea for restoration that might make people of both opinions happy. But until the 30-below-zero temperatures go away, I'm going to continue the same maintenance plan it has been on for the past 30 years or so (none). Thanks to everyone that shared their opinion ... it was fun to hear what people had to say!