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The Nuremberg Trials

Larry Tillemans, a member of the St. Joseph Legion Post 328, will present The Nuremberg Trials at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 13, at the Stearns History Museum. Tillemans will relate his experiences as a clerk-typist during the court proceedings that followed World War II in Germany. He stated, "I'm not an authority, I'm not a historian. My story is about what did I hear? What did I see? What did I learn? And that's what I tell." The Nuremberg trials began in late 1945, when the Allies indicted 24 Nazi leaders on four counts including crimes against humanity. Those facing trial included Luftwaffe Commander in Chief Hermann Göring, Army Chief Alfred Jodl and Minister of Foreign Affairs Joachim von Ribbentrop. Tillemans was there Oct. 1, 1946, to witness when the International Military Tribunal declared their verdict for the defendants - three acquitted, six sentenced to prison terms and 12 condemned to death. Please join the Stearns History Museum for this opportunity to hear a first-hand account of one of the most important trials in world history.

There is no charge for Stearns History Museum members; admission for non-members is $5. For information about Breakfast Club or the museum, please call (320) 253-8424. The American Association of Museums accredits the Stearns History Museum and Research Center. It is located at 235 33rd Avenue South in St. Cloud.