Good day, and that He would always kind to us all!

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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Good day

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Forgive me for my English but I write and I will share with you my thoughts with all my heart!

All my life I taught German to Russian and Georgian languages in the first place because my roots, and German, Georgian and Russian and secondly because they are absolutely opposed. But this did not stop but instead helped to understand and integrate the love that lurked in my ancestors.

I read your article in the online newspaper I especially liked the attitude of the veterans of World War II.

However, some questions I do not understand. For example November 11,

"The Forgotten Battle". Have they forgotten? Just in the speed of our time, we do not have time to read themselves or their children to read books that were written not as science fiction have been written by people who carried their memories, their heavy joyful memories through the thickness of time. One of the most remarkable books on the analysis based on actual materials and documents of the United States Navy, Admiral Nimitz and Charles E. Potter to talk about the most important naval operations of World War II in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Pacific "War at Sea (1939-1945)".

It was good if high school students would have studied the history of our land are not compressed by the textbooks and a textbook on such books. Then there would not have been different interpretations of the parables and which are convenient to politicians and not us with you! I believe that lack of understanding of people to each other is only one reason why the benefits of a what a handful of people who are far from God and man!

This is my opinion ladies and gentlemen!

In the eve of New Year please accept my sincere wishes to you and to ALL RESIDENTS OF THE CITY OF HAPPINESS LOVE PERFORMANCES most cherished Dreams SINCERITY AND EXPECTATIONS FOR THAT LAND TO BECOME peaceful world in the immense OUTER SPACE! HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!

Sincerely Dmitry