Tricounty News

Project Lifesaver

Sheriff Jeff Norlin is pleased to announce that the Meeker County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with a national agency called Project Lifesaver that works with LoJack SafetyNet in tracking and locating persons with cognitive conditions who tend to wander, such as Alzheimer's, autism, Down syndrome and dementia patients.

Sheriff Norlin said that wandering is a life-threatening behavior associated with people who have these cognitive conditions. Time is one of the most critical factors in a search and this program is a highly effective solution to public safety agencies responsible for rescuing those in need.

Project Lifesaver was established in 1999, has developed a network of more that 1,000 Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies nationwide and has more that 2,000 successful rescues to date. Sheriff Norlin advised it is a relatively straightforward program. Many state and national associations, including the National Sheriff's Association and The Alzheimer's Foundation, endorse project Lifesaver.

To get started the family must apply with the Meeker County Sheriff's Office. A waterproof transmitter bracelet is put on the wrist of the family member in the program. The bracelet is worn all day, every day and sends out a signal every second of the day. Should this member wander away, the family contacts the Meeker County Sheriff's Office who will have the trained personnel to use the tracking equipment needed to find the missing loved one.

For information on Project Lifesaver, or if you have a family member or know someone who would benefit from this program, you are encouraged to call the Meeker County Sheriff's Office at (320) 693-5400.