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Thanksgiving traffic the worst for deaths

Dear Trooper Kathy: Why do you always say that Thanksgiving is the WORST time for traffic deaths? I would think 4th of July or New Years would be worse.

Trooper Kathy Says: You pose a good question. Here are MY reasons that I think Thanksgiving Holidays have the most traffic deaths

• It is a long holiday. The actual holiday runs from Wednesday afternoon through Sunday. That's five days long. That gives us a longer time frame of holiday driving.

• Many times we will see snow or sleet or icy roads. This is usually one of our first "winter storms" and people are just not ready for it, both mentally and physically!

• Everyone is in a hurry. Whether it is trying to make it to Grandma's house, then to the in-laws or even the shopping sales, people are rushing and not paying attention to traffic!

Here are my Trooper Traffic Tips for Turkey Time

SLOW DOWN - If you start late, do not try to make up time on the road. Hand your cell phone to someone else in the car and tell them to call Grandma or wherever you were supposed to be, and tell them you are going to be late.

Gear up for winter driving - make sure you pay attention to the weather report so you are not caught unaware!

DO NOT TAILGATE - There is no place for the vehicle you are tailgating to go. There is traffic in front of them and all you do is put everyone at risk.

Make sure ALL people are ALL wearing there seatbelts in ALL places in the vehicle ALL the time!

Do not drink alcohol if you are going to be on the road. If you eat a big meal and consume alcohol you may become sleepy or inattentive.

Take rest breaks - DO NOT expect children to be happy in the vehicle for long trips. Stop about every two hours for a stretch break. This is also good for the driver.

Change drivers every two hours. Again, this helps keep drivers fresh and less likely to get sleepy.

Remember, we want you to get to all your destinations safely. Allow more time to travel. During holiday travel, it is the time to relax with your family. Make the outing enjoyable for all, not stressful.

If you have any questions regarding traffic safety and/or traffic laws, please e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Sgt. Pederson will not offer advice on specific situations or real events, which involve law enforcement.