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Local veterans share, compare stories with students

In observance of Veterans Day, the Kimball Lions hosted a presentation for the Kimball Elementary fifth- and sixth-grade students Nov. 11.

Lions member Sarah Zipoy presented the students with a pamphlet on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and she showed a timeline of the different wars our veterans have served.

Mayor Tammy Konz spoke to students about how the Constitution helps us to govern today and how we would not have our freedoms if it were not for our veterans.She emphasized that we should all thank our veterans for serving our country and defending our Constitution.

We were honored to have two veterans speak about their experiences serving in the military: Vietnam veteran Roger Cooper and Sergeant Zack Wells who served two tours of duty in Iraq.

Roger served on a ship in the Navy. He told us of the many jobs he had while at sea defending our waters.

Zach was in the Marines and in combat. He told of the many experiences he had, and he even spoke Arabic for us.

Roger and Zack compared the safety gear that they were issued and how much more sophisticated it has become in protecting lives.

The students were very interested. Many had good questions to ask our heroes. The students had a first-hand account of what it means to really celebrate Veterans Day.

Thank you to all veterans.