Tricounty News

Music recital Sunday, Nov. 1

The Lake Area Music Teachers' Forum sponsored two recitals Sunday afternoon, Nov. 1, at the Kimball Church of Christ. Fifty piano, guitar and flute selections were featured. In attendace were such Holloween characters as a fairy, doctor, butterfly, princess, angel, cute bug, rabbit, hard-luck orphan, 17th-century musician and others.

Those from our area performing were: Patricia Aho, Kyrie Rossman, Erynn Amundson, Laina Berthiaume, Thoren Lexvold, Elenore Kunkel, Dani Jo Johnson, Seahara Mancini, Alicia Johnson, Kyle Money, Maicy Vossen, Grace Kunkel, Emily Amundson, McKenzie Ebert, Brooklyn Smith, Emma Erickson, Aeron Ashbrook, Emma Hesch, Anna Knowles, Allie Packard, Logan Erickson and Sydney Ashbrook.

Lake Area Music Teachers include:

Carole Wieseler, Howard Lake; Ann Brown and Yvonne Rammel, Cokato; Elaine Nordlie, Flo Osness and LeRene Soderberg, Dassel; Maria Kilpela, Kingston and Barb Root, Kimball.