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Michele Bachmann: Veterans Day Letter 2009

As you prepare for this Veterans Day, I hope that you are able to celebrate and remember those who have defended our freedoms in battle.  Since 1919, America has taken time to reflect on the sacrifices uniformed men and women make to protect the liberties of their fellow countrymen and preserve the traditions of this great nation. 

For those of us home today, let us remember that we can speak, pray and gather freely because of the efforts of our troops.  You may be reflecting alone, gathered at city hall or even taking part in a parade, but let us never forget our veterans.  Our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are symbols of hope to those suffering under tyranny and lawlessness in lands far away.  They recognize the importance of a world with justice, freedom and peace and that is their goal for every mission, no matter how small. 

As we try to understand the difficulties they face upon their return home from war, we should all thank these brave men and women for what they've done at every opportunity.  You may have joined me on one of my weekly telephone town halls and heard me close my calls with a heartfelt request that you take a moment to pray for and thank our veterans, especially those now serving.  I'd like to repeat that plea today.  Please thank them with open arms and hearts, care packages, letters during the holidays and with your thoughts and prayers.  May God continue to bless this country with men and women with the desire to serve and defend.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Member, United States Congress