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What's in your neighborhood?

Finding environmental information about Minnesota communities is just a click away with the updated "What's in My Neighborhood?" (WIMN) Web application from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

With the tools on the Web page, visitors can search for information about local environmental permits and notifications filed with the MPCA, as well as potentially contaminated sites. Users can search using an interactive map or by a text search.

The MPCA established the original WIMN Web application in 2003, when it contained only limited information about potentially contaminated sites. The MPCA has worked during the past two and a half years to expand the system, adding environmental information such as air and water permits, registrations and notifications.

The new site includes environmental data about businesses and institutions that have permits and registrations, MPCA inspections and how businesses comply with environmental laws and rules. There are 150,000 sites in the database, up from 5,000 on the old Web application. More detail is also included about each location.

"We expanded WIMN in response to users who wanted more data," said Myrna Halbach, director of the MPCA's Operational Support Division. "The expansion of this Web application is the first phase of what will become an even more complete environmental resource for Minnesotans, eventually including links to actual documents such as permits."