Kimball's foundation cornerstone

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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Every community needs a foundation or a cornerstone. Growing up, I always believed that the school system was that. It is something that always seems to bring people together, whether it is education or sports. I know that the schools have had some tough times in the recent past. We can, however, overcome this. Let's pull together and give the school kids a fighting chance to do the best they can, and reenergize the spirit in this community. This can not be done by them alone. This requires help from everybody. Not just within city limits but all who have supported or wore the blue and gold. This is why I will be voting for the school levy. I do believe that with help and support we will see the bleachers full, the programs available and the pride once again strong. This is why I am encouraging everybody to help out and vote for the school levy this fall.

Chris Jansky