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Description of Available Services and Rates.

Melrose Telephone Company

Available Services

Melrose Telephone Company offers the following local exchange telecommunications services to all consumers throughout its serving area:

Voice grade access to the public switched network;

Local exchange service including an amount of local usage free of per minute charges under a flat rated local service package;

Dual tone multi-frequency signal;

Single party service;

Access to emergency service;

Access to operator services;

Access to interexchange service;

Access to directory assistance; and

Toll blocking without charge to qualified low income customers.

Basic, local exchange residential monthly service rates, excluding EAS rates, are as follows:

$14.00 also plus surcharges and taxes

Subsidized discounts are available to customers meeting certain low income criteria. Information concerning these plans is available from your Melrose Telephone Company representative at (320) 256-7471 or (320) 597-3333 or (320) 764-7600

Geographic Areas Where Services Are Available.

Melrose Telephone Company offers service in the following exchanges:

Eden Valley, Greenwald, Grey Eagle, Kimball, Melrose, Richmond, St. Martin and Watkins.

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009.