Tricounty News

A blast from the past!

(and KAHS Class of '75)

The Tri-County News office had a surprise visit last week from Diana Rodriguez de Sánchez and two of her sons, Diego and Marcelo. Diana was a foreign exchange student at KAHS during the 1974-75 school year. She and her sons were in town to help celebrate the 80th birthday of her "host father," Arnie Konz.

Since graduation in 1975, Diana married Remberto Sanchez, who works in finance. They had three sons, and now have a nearly 2-year-old grandson. Eldest son Mauricio received an MBA from Wharton College, as did his father Remberto; he lives and works in Houston. Middle son Marcelo (pictured at right) is an architect who has enrolled in the University of Minnesota to work on a master's degree in sustainable design. Youngest son Diego (pictured at left) is studying marketing at the University of Monterey. After years as activities coordinator and chauffeur for her three active boys, Diana works in real estate and "loves it."

Diana and Marcelo will be in the area again in the fall when his classes begin at the U.

It's hard to believe that it's been 34 years already.

P.S. KAHS Class of '75: watch for information about a reunion!