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From the Heart: Here's to the working guy (and gal)

Labor Day is not just another excuse for a sale. And it's not the last family fling before school starts.  Labor Day is a day set aside to honor all those who actually work for a living. Although I'm sure it was more intended for laborers, those who do hard, physical work. But anyone who works to earn a paycheck should be honored. (As opposed to those who live off an inherited bank account or stock portfolio.) Whatever term you want to apply to the economic downturn we're in, it's getting harder and harder each day for us working folk. Gas prices cost us more, and make everything we consume more expensive too. But our paychecks can't keep up, and employers are pinched too. So, in the great American tradition, we hike up our belts, roll up our sleeves, and work harder. The economy will only be a "crisis" if we let it be. And I , for one, am not going to let it be. Keep working, keep spending, do your part to keep the economy moving forward. We're all in the same boat, and nobody (at least anybody we know) is exempt. Work on, workers! All hail the workers who make this country great and prosperous!