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4-Hers excel at Stearns County Fair

The Stearns County Fair, held this year held July 30-Aug. 3, showcased some of our county's finest projects, ranging from Crafts and Fine Arts to Wildlife Biology and Fishing Sports. We even had a llama used in a demonstration. The diversity of projects is growing, along with the interest. This year we had more than 300 youth participating in bringing about 1000 projects to display for the duration of the fair. Out of those, we have 89 4-Hers representing Stearns County at the Minnesota State Fair. The Champion and Reserve Champion listing for the Stearns County Fair is as follows:  Non-livestock results • Aerospace - Chris Schleppenbach, reserve champion airplane; Lauren Hopke, champion rocket; Darun Bushard, reserve champion rocket. • Aerospace science - Andrew Wilwerding, champion. • Bicycle - Mitchell fruth, champion; Truen Voigt, reserve cahmpion. • Cake decorating - Jessica fruth, champion; Lauren Hopke, reserve champion; Hannah Kokkett, honorable mention. • Cat education - Erika Hentges, champion; Carla Bromenschenkel, reserve champion. • Cat show - Christina Sand, champion; Erika Hentges, reserve champion. • Child development - Samantha Hinnenkamp, champion; Morgan Novak, reserve champion. • Citizenship - Whitney Sabrowski, champion; Martha Amdahl, reserve champion. Clothing & textiles • Clothes you buy - Lori Overman, advanced grades champion; Ashley Overman, advanced grades reserve champion. • Clothing you make - Amy Grotsun, intermediate grade champion; Alyssa Jenkins, intermediate grade reserve champion. • Clothing you make - Marissa Willenbring, beginner grade champion; Amy Grotsun, • Non-wearable - Heidi Jenkins, champion. • Wearable art - Amy Grotsun, champion; Shae Quinn, reserve champion. • Clothing camp item: Seth Walls, champion; Connor Quinn, reserve champion. • Cloverbuds - Kayla Schleppenbach, Ryan Welle, Katie Czech, John Achen, Ethan Mills, Ben Orbeck, seth Walls and Rachel Klasen. • Banner - Watnicks 4-H Club, champion; Albany Southsiders 4-H Club, reserve champion. • Booths - Gopher Prairie 4-H Club, champion; Richmond Thundering Herd 4-H Club, reserve champion. • Community Pride - Richmond Thundering Herd 4-H Club, champion; Rocky Rangers 4-H Club, reserve champion. • Container contest - Rocky Rangers 4-H Club, champion; Krain Town Kids 4-H Club, reserve champion. • Scrapbook - Gopher Prairie 4-H Club, champion; Spunk Creek Critters 4-H Club, reserve champion. • Computer - Kjersten Gafkjen, champion; Ben Frericks, reserve champion. • Consumer education - Morgan Novak, champion; Kim Kuehn, reserve champion. • • • Cookie decorating - Hailea Jonas, champion; Carleen Willenbring, reserve champion. • Corn - Darin Bushard, champion; Neil Rosen, reserve champion. • Crafts - Olivia Haws, champion; Zachary Rausch, reserve champion. • Fine arts - Heidi Jenkins, champion and reserve champion.  Champion: Heidi Jenkins - Avon - Richmond Thundering Herd 4-H Club; Reserve • Demonstration Day - Carla Bromenshenkel, champion; Randeanna Gafkjen, reserve champion. • Dog education - Morgan Novak, champion; Michaela Komis, reserve champion. • Electric - Brady Barker, champion; Tyler Hoffman, reserve champion. • Entomology - Champion: Andrew Wilwerding - Freeport - Pelican Peak 4-H Club • Exploring animals - Whitney Sabrowski, champion; beth Throlson, reserve champion. • Exploring the environment - Elizabeth Meemken, champion; Benjamin Hoffman, reserve champion.   Fashion Revue • Clothes you make - Rebecca Wuebkers, champion; Amy Grotsun, reserve champion; Marissa Willenbring, honorable mention. • Clothes you buy - Amy Grotsun, champion; Rebecca Wuebkers, reserve champion. • Favorite food show - Amy Grotsun, champion; Jessica Fruth, reserve champion. • Fishing sports - Mitchell Fruth, champion; Eric Sabrowski, reserve champion. • Flower gardening - Christine Blonigen, champion; Whitney Sabrowsky, reserve champion. • Food and nutrition - Whitney Sabrowsky, champion; Martha Amdahl, reserve champion; Elizabeth Meemken, Elizabeth Aleckson and Kaitlin Harren, honorable mention. • Food preservation - Eric Sabrowsky, champion; Tyler Hoffman, reserve champion; Kelly Broughton, honorable mention. • Forestry resources - Elizabeth Aleckson, champion. • Fruit - Brice Sondrol, champion; Emily Greener, reserve champion. • Geospacial - Nick Lahr, champion. • Global connections - Lori Overman, champion; Samantha Klaphake, reserve champion. • Health - Amber Denny, champion; Christina Sand, reserve champion. • Home environment - Christina Sand, champion; Elizabeth Meemken, reserve champion. • Horseless horse - Sarah Blonigen, champion. • Indoor gardening - Shannon Mahoney, champion; Sarah Blonigen, reserve champion. • Lawn and landscape - Christine Kluempke, champion; Alisha Ball, reserve champion. • Needle arts - Ashley Overman, champion; Lori Overman, reserve champion. • Performing arts - Elizabeth Aleckson, champion; Ashley Overman, reserve champion. • Pet education - Morgan Novak, champion; Megan Kortlever, reserve champion. • Pet show - Lindsey Bosl, champion; Cameo Wetzel, reserve champion.   Photography • Grades 4-5 (digital) - Brady Barker, champion; Anna Hentges, reserve champion. • Grades 4-5 (non-digital) - Brooke Westrich, champion; Emily Pratt, reserve champion. • Grades 6-8 (digital) - Shannon Mahoney, champion; Sarah Blonigen, reserve champion. • Grades 6-8 (non-digital) - Vanessa Ulrich, champion; Jacob Gaebel, reserve champion. • Grades 9+ (digital) - Nicollette Eisenrich, champion; Megan Gaebel, reserve champion. • Grades 9+ (non-digital) - Megan Novak, champion; Grant Hopke, reserve champion. • Plants & soil science - Morgan Novak, champion. • Potatoes - Dana Overman, champion; Morgan Novak, reserve champion. • Quilting - Lori Overman, champion; Christina Sand, reserve champion. • Safety - Morgan Novak, safety. • Self-determined - Derrick Strehlow, champion; Jessica Fruth, reserve champion. • Shooting sports - Mitchell Fruth, champion; Samantha Kuhl, reserve champion. • Shop/wood science - Nick Donnay, champion; Ryan Willenbring, reserve champion. • Small engines - Tyler Hoffman, champion; John Elliot, reserve champion. • Small grains/legumes - Aaron Rosen, champion.   • Specie poster - Heidi Jenkins, champion poultry; Alyssa Jenkins, champion rabbit. • Tractor (refurbished) - Tanner Ruprecht, champion; Philip Budde, reserve champion. • Vegetable gardening - Connor Stark-Haws, champion; Alyssa Jenkins, reserve champion. • Veterinary science - Amber Denny, champion; Johnna Schuur, reserve champion. • Water/wetlands - Beth Thorlson, champion • Wildlife biology - Christine Blonigan, champion; Sarah Blonigen, reserve champion. Livestock results Dairy • Best of Show - Maggie Jennissen, champion; Emily Achen, reserve champion. • Purebred Holstein calf - rchel Nelson, champion. • Brown Swiss - Emily Achen, senior champion; Annie Achen, senior reserve champion; Abby Udermann, junior reserve champion; Christy Achen, junior reserve champion. • Ayrshire - Ellie Optiz, junior champion and junior reserve champion. • Milking Shorthorn - Becky Johnson, junior champion; Rachel Achen, junior reserve champion. • Crossbred - Rachel Nelson, junior champion; Maria Molitor, junior reserve champion. • Jersey - Amy Grotsun, junior champion. • Holstein - Maggie Jennissen, senior champion; Ashley Goebel, senior reserve champion; Katie Nelson, junior champion; Rachel Nelson, junior reserve champion. • Production class - Maggie Jennissen. • Junior showmanship - Christy Achen, champion; Becky Johnson, reserve champion. • Intermediate showmanship - Annie Achen, champion; Jeremiah Johnson, reserve champion. • Senior showmanship - Jacob Achen, champion; Maggie Jennissen, reserve champion. • Honorable Mention - Lauren Libbesmeier, Megan Udermann, Emily Achen and Abby Udermann. Beef • Breeding heifers - Nick Kokett, champion; Katie Nelson, reserve champion. • Market beef steer - Katie Nelson, champion; Rachel Nelson, reserve champion. • Dairy steer - Jeffrey Dockendorf, champion; Travis Molitor, reserve champion. • Cow/calf pair - Keaton Knutson, champion; Samantha Hinnenkamp, reserve champion. • Prospect calves - Samantha Hinnenkamp, champion. • Junior showmanship - Erin Anderson, champion;   Brianna Westrich, reserve champion. • Senior showmanship - Rachel Nelson, champion;   Katie Nelson, reserve champion. Goat • Market goat - Aaron Orbeck, champion; Grace Orbeck, reserve champion. • Meat breeding doe - Samantha Hinnenkamp. • Junior showmanship - Samantha Hinnenkamp, champion; Rebecca Weubkers, reserve champion. • Senior showmanship - Grace Orbeck, champion; Aaron Orbeck, reserve champion. Horse • Halter showmanship - Katie Helminick, champion; Shannon Mahoney, reserve champion. Poultry • Chickens - Paul Kraemer, market champion; Mathew Kluempke, market reserve champion; Heidi Jenkins, breeding champion; Rebecca Wuebkers, breeding reserve champion; Amy Grotsun, champion egg production (brown); Joe Grotsun and Whitney Sabrowsky, reserve champions egg production (brown); Joe Grotsun, champion egg production (white); Rebecca Wuebkers, reserve champion egg production (white). • Ducks - Ashley Barker, champion market; Brady Barker and Eric Sabrowsky, reserve champions market; Eric Sabrowsky, breeding champion; Aaron Orbeck, breeding reserve champion; Eric Sabrowsky, junior showmanship champion; Aaron Orbeck, junior reserve champion showmanship; Whitney Sabrowsky, senior showmanship champion; Heidi Jenkins, reserve champion senior showmanship. • Junior howmanship - Champion: Eric Sabrowsky - Freeport - Richmond Thundering Rabbits • Breeding class - Megan Uderman, champion; Alex Uderman, reserve champion. • Market class - Jessey Schleppenbach, chammpion. • Intermediate showmanship - Ashley Barker, champion; Hannah Kokett, reserve champion. • Senior showmanship - Johnna Schuur, champion; Sherry Skaj, reserve champion. Sheep • Market lamb - Blaine Meierhofer, champion; Pat Libbesmeier, reserve champion. • Ewe lamb - Kayla Dockendorf, champion; Travis Molitor, reserve champion. • Lamb lead - Jessica Fruth, champon; Mitchell Fruth, reserve champion. • Junior showmanship - Erin Anderson, champion; Aaron Orbeck, reserve champion. • Senior showmanship - Blaine Meierhofer, champion; Pat Libbesmeier, reserve champion. Swine • Market swine - Joe Grotsun, champion; Amy Grotsun, reserve champion. • Breeding gilt - Ashley Breth, champion. • Showmanship - Joe Grotsun, champion; Amy   Grotsun, reserve champion.