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The Wright County/West Metro Whitetails Send 21 kids to Forkhorn Camp

Summer is quickly drawing to an end, leaving many kids with camp memories including 21 that the Wright County/West Metro Whitetails sponsored at the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association 'Forkhorn' Camp. The MDHA started these camps in 1986 with one camp at Deep Portage and 52 campers attending. Since that time the number of camps has expanded to six across Minnesota, last year hosting over 620 kids. There are also now three levels of camps called Forkhorn I, II, and III. At these camps the Forkhorns learn hunting ethics, fair chase, game tracking, orienteering,  wilderness survival, and depending on the camp, they can get their DNR certified Firearms Safety, Bow Hunter Safety, or Advanced Hunter certificate. The Wright County/West Metro Whitetails sponsored youth at all six of these camps. Our group pays for almost all of the camp minus the registration fee. In return we ask that the youth, along with their parents, be members of our Chapter, and participate in our fundraisers to help pay for the camps. One method of fund-raising is done through our Annual Membership banquet. This year it is being held at the New River City Extreme Entertainment Complex in Monticello Sunday, Sept. 7, starting at 4:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a meal of broasted chicken and prime rib and then join in for raffles and games for some very nice prizes. We offer free bowling and other games for the kids, as well as a free drawing for them. More information is available by calling Jim at (763) 682-2061 or Al at (763) 263-7893.