Tricounty News


Sirens sounded, weather spotters were sent out and residents sought shelter Saturday evening as waves of thunderstorms passed over us. Funnel clouds were sighted in Grove City, New London, Manannah and St. Cloud. Lightning, thunder, small hail, heavy rain came and went - and came again - all evening. High winds stirred up dust and formed dozens of "dustadoes" all around our area. About 100,000 spectators and performers were evacuated from Winstock in Winsted during the storm (they were sheltered in a nearby trucking company building). In Buffalo and Delano, trees wre blown down across power lines and caught fire. Tens of thousands of central Minnesotans were without power for many long hours. But these relatively weak storms moved on quickly, and there are no reports of injuries of severe damage.  Photo by Jean Doran Matua.