Tricounty News

REGULAR MEETING Board of Education Ind. School District 739 Kimball, Minn.

March 12, 2008 The meeting was called to order by Chair Laabs at 6:30 p.m. with all members present. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance. The agenda was amended to include item 4a. Senior student's request, and item 6a. Request for retirement from Caye Aho. Motion by Peglow to approve the agenda as amended, seconded by Stenger. MC After review, motion by Peglow, seconded by Stenger to approve the listed bills in the amount of $742,446.76, of which $610,006.29 was the high school bond payment. MC Motion by Helgeson, seconded by Dockery to approve the consent agenda as presented. MC. The consent agenda included: Approve minutes of February 20, 2008 Regular Board Meeting Approve long-term substitute contract with Kimberly Looman, from Feb. 28-April 4, 2008 for Steve Palm, Kindergarten instructor Acknowledge receipt of letter of availability received from Patty Bauerly. The treasurer's report was reviewed and discussed. The senior class officers were present to request approval from the board to be excused from classes on May 27, 28, and 29 to allow teachers to prepare grades for seniors, and for seniors to prepare for graduation. Any make-up work for senior students would be completed during these three days. Attendance and discipline between now and the end of the school year will impact the ability to receive the early dismissal. Motion by Stenger, seconded by Dockery to approve this request. Motion carried. The students thanked the board for their consideration and approval of their request. Following discussion in regards to ways to fulfill the needs of students receiving services in speech/language, motion was made by Peglow and seconded by Helgeson not to accept the resignation received from Deb Welle, Speech/Language Clinician. MC Motion by Dockery, seconded by Stenger to accept the resignation received from Renee Isaacson, elementary special education instructor, effective May 30, 2008. Motion carried. The members extend their thank you and gratitude for the many years of service that Ms. Isaacson has provided the students and families of Kimball. Motion by Helgeson, seconded by Peglow to accept the notice of retirement received from Cathleen Aho, elementary instructor, effective May 30, 2008. Motion carried. The members extend their thank you to Ms. Aho for her many years of service to the students and families of Kimball, and send their best regards as she moves into retirement. The district policy on Reserve Balances was presented for its second reading. Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Helgeson to adopt the policy as presented. MC  Mr. Tritabaugh reviewed the proposed 2008-2009 school calendar, highlighting conference dates and times as well as starting and ending dates. Motion by Helgeson, seconded by Peglow to adopt the calendar for the upcoming school year. MC Celebration and Success of Students and Staff included: Recent FFA contests include from Feb. 14, Poultry judging, third place jr. high team - Katelyn Asfeld, Lauren Edwards, and Micheala Tagney. On March 11, second place Farm Management team and qualifying for State FFA Convention were Paige Peglow (third place individual), Tommy Linn (seventh place individual), Julie Lochen (10th place individual) and Beth Libbesmeier (11th place individual). Also on March 1,1 the Ag Mechanics team placed 11th. Members of the team included Andrew Kieke, Matt Massmann, Michael Rose, and Mitchell Wicker. The Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest was held on March 3rd in Paynesville. Receiving an Excellent Rating in Sub-Section competition were Ensemble members Nick Anderson, Rochelle Bach, Jon Green, Mellissa Huhn, Ashley Kalkbrenner, Kelsey Klein, Amanda Kuseske, Crystal Lahr, Emily Mansicka, Kyle Messer, Weston Vetsch, Milana Vazba, and Justin Yanish, and Soloists Kelsey Klein and Justin Yanish. Receiving a Superior rating were Soloists Crystal Lahr, Milana Vozba, Amanda Kuseske, Mellissa Huhn, and Emily Mansicka. Emily Mansicka, a 9th grader, received a Superior Rating, the highest possible in state competition. On March 10th, the band program participated in 15 separate events at Solo & Ensemble Contest at Paynesville. Twelve of the 15 events were awarded superior ratings, the highest rating possible. Erin Gilpatrick was chosen to receive a Best of Site award for her flute solo, selected top of 24 events. Seven 6th grade students attended the Science Fair at St. Cloud State University along with instructors Paulette Hauge and Mary Bernardy. All seven students received purple ribbons, which is the highest award. The winter sports season has wrapped up, and the spring sports are starting with practices. Track is expecting 44-60 participants this year which is a considerable increase from previous years. Knowledge Bowl is wrapping up - there have been 24 or 25 participants who have continually improved over the season. One team brought home 3rd place at the conference meet. Kimball hosted a speech meet on March 8th. A number of honorable mentions were received. The Odd Couple, Female Version will be performed by the Kimball Community Playhouse on March 15 and 16. Mr. Zipoy addressed the chair asking if improvements could be made between these celebrations and the Tri-County News. Often what is shared at the board meetings is not published in the paper. It was suggested that perhaps the school e-mail system could provide an easy means for publicizing these positive happenings in the schools. Mr. Widvey reported on upcoming testing in April. On April 15, all students in grades 7-11 will be testing first thing in the morning. Mr. Widvey is proposing asking the seniors to come in later as there will be no staff available to cover study time for them until testing is complete. A suggestion was made that perhaps the students could participate in a service project as a group that morning for part of the time. This will be considered by Mr. Widvey. Pre-registration has begun for grade 7-11 students. The sixth-graders will be visiting for an orientation. The 9th grade students, with the exception of two, have completed their job shadowing experience under the organization of Mr. Stangle. This has been a very positive program all of the year's Mr. Stangle has provided the opportunity. Mr. Clark reported on the completion of I Love To Read month with the final reading celebration. The elementary raffle will be starting on March 13. The sixth-grade girls participated in Diva Tech at St. Cloud Technical College, and the sixth-grade boys were able to tour Anderson Trucking, Speedee Delivery, and Regent Broadcasting. The fourth-sixth grade music and band program was held on Feb.26. A second grade students is currently hospitalized, having had a tumor removed which was diagnosed as cancer of the adrenal gland. He will be undergoing chemo therapy soon. Mr. Tritabaugh reported on receipt of a letter from Bill Hesse indicating his availability to return if a position were to become available. March Students of the Month included Emma Capes, Erin O'Brien, Jessica Combs, Maicy Vossen, Michael Huhn, Jacob Leither, and Tyler Anderson. Upcoming meetings include Benton-Stearns on 3/19, non-licensed negations on 4/1, Budget Committee on April 2nd, Curriculum Advisory on April 7th,Benton Stearns on 4/16, the next Regular Board meeting on 4/16, and SEE meeting on 4/18. Committee reports included Health & Safety - Stenger, SEE - Marguerite, Budget - Mr. Tritabaugh, Dockery, and Helgeson. There were no communications. Motion by Stenger, seconded by Peglow to adjourn at 8:54 p.m. MC. Robin Dockery, clerk