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Mayor Tammy Konz called to order the regular City Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. Councilmembers present: Tammy Konz, DuWayne Orbeck, Chris Jansky, Eric Loewen and Joe Krippner. Councilmembers absent: None. Others present: Tom Crouch, Chad Johnson, Chris Jeppesen, Tom Zipoy, Jim Schulz, Jim Frilstad, Jean Matua, Sandy Steinmetz and Chris Langness. Motion Jansky/Krippner to approve the March 17, 2008 minutes as presented. Motion passed. Motion Jansky/Krippner to approve the April 4, 2008 minutes as presented. Motion passed. Motion Jansky/Loewen to approve the following items on the consent agenda: 1. To approve Chad Johnson's request to carry over up to 40 hours of vacation past his April 22, 2008 anniversary date. 2. To accept the gambling donation of $500.00 from the Kimball American Legion Post 261 gambling funds for the Willow Creek Park picnic shelter project.  Motion passed. Tom Crouch, Developer for Heritage Park of Kimball was present at the Council's request to review his future plans for the addition and the Steering Committees proposed planning for this area. Mr. Crouch's plans are to start a few spec. homes this summer. Lot location was discussed and if they would be utilizing the lift station. He stated that the check list items relate to the lift station and could not be completed during the winter months which City Engineer Jim Schulz agreed with. Councilmember Chris Jansky inquired about the two off set row of standard nursery stock evergreen trees which are to be at least four feet high which were to be planted on the east side of lots 1 - 13 of Block 1 as part of the condition in the Conditional Use Permit approved for the 13 townhouses on Nov. 1. Mr. Crouch stated that he made the lots deeper and the park larger and the screening was not included in the development agreement or final plat and that the commercial property would have to do the screening. Mayor Konz and Councilmember Loewen explained that the Steering Committee is looking at re-zoning the commercial property to the east of Heritage Park for industrial, punching Elm Street North all the way through to Powder Ridge and annexation going north. Mr. Crouch stated that he is always open to annexation, he could do more developing. His development is not in trouble and he has no debt against it. He likes a mix in housing style and it will look nice when it is done. Mayor Konz invited Mr. Crouch to attend the May 8th Public Planning Commission meeting. The City Council presented a plaque to Chris Jeppesen for her retirement and years of service to the City of Kimball and the community. Tom Zipoy, Attorney for St. John's Lutheran Church reviewed the church's upcoming building project which will be starting this year in the Greely Edition Addition. The fellowship hall will not be added this year, the steeple will not happen and the parking will comply with City Ordinance and will not need the previous variance which was granted. The Church proposed expanding the City water run off pond with the church drafting a maintenance agreement. The City requested that they must send this agreement to the City Attorney Tim Young for review. The pond design will be reviewed with the City Engineer. The church will assume all costs for the expansion of this pond. The Council will then review the maintenance agreement before approving this pond expansion. Tom Zipoy will be speaking to the Maine Prairie Township Board about the entrance to the Church. He will also be giving a heads up notice to all property owners in Greely Edition Addition in regard to all this upcoming construction taking place in this development. Motion Orbeck/Krippner to work in cooperation with the St. John's Lutheran Church for the pond expansion while the church is drafting the maintenance agreement. Motion passed. Mayor Konz reported that the Garden Club will be on the next agenda in regard to planting a flower garden by the picnic shelter and will be requesting help with the purchase of approximately $300.00 in brick. Police Chief Jim Frilstad reported that the City will be receiving a $2,000.00 donation from Fairhaven Township for the new police squad camera. He is also working on other donations. Other items discussed were: Winter parking ending after April 30, noise ordinance signs on Highways 15 and 55, parking on Elm Street and leasing of vehicles. Signs will be posted for NO PARKING on the east side of Elm Street from Linden Ave. W. to Spruce Ave. W. with a yellow no parking being painted on the west side curbs corners for at least two car lengths. Chad Johnson presented quotes for the wastewater pond aerator electrical, Christmas lighting electrical, sewer main jetting and street sweeping. Quotes as follows: Aerator Electrical: Fairhaven Electric $1,585.00 and Kramer Electric $1,893.31. Motion Jansky/Krippner to approve the bid from Fairhaven Electric for $1,585.00. Motion passed. Christmas Lighting Electrical: Fairhaven Electric $2,145.00 and Kramer Electric $2,551.39. Motion Jansky/Loewen to approve the bid from Fairhaven Electric for $2,145.00. Motion passed. Sewer Main Jetting: Infratech and Roto Rooter (quotes on file in City Office). Motion Jansky/Krippner to approve the bid with Roto Rooter. Motion passed. Chad Johnson was instructed to obtain more quotes for street sweeping. Bids were received as follows for the 1995 Dodge pick-up truck and BOSS plow:  Kimball Garage $926.30, Larry Davis $610.00, Hendricks Sand & Gravel $888.28 and DuWayne Orbeck $200.00. Motion Loewen/Jansky to approve the bid from Kimball Garage for $926.30. Those voting in favor thereof: Tammy Konz, Chris Jansky, Eric Loewen and Joe Krippner; those voting against: None; those abstaining: DuWayne Orbeck; those absent: None. Motion passed.Chad Johnson reported that MPCA has notified the City that no Sanitary Sewer Main Extension Permit is need for the concession stand restrooms. He also reviewed the MPCA Compliance Monitoring Survey & Alleged Violation Letter which needs to be completed and responded to by April 18th. Mayor Konz discussed with the Council a hot water pressure washer which is up for auction. Lonnie Hendricks will be biding on item for the City and the limit will be at the Mayor's discretion. There will be NIMS 300 training on Thursday, April 10th. There will be a Park Committee meeting on April 15 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. Jean Matua of the Tri-County News reported on the video taping of Council meetings and the features that can be used. Charles Sterling's water run off issue will be addressed at the next meeting and Mayor Konz will invite representatives of MNDOT to be present. Mayor Konz and City Engineer Jim Schulz will be conducting a walk through of the Magnus Johnson/Linden Ave. Street project. The Council reviewed the Kimball Elementary School Letter of Excellence. There will be a Personnel Committee meeting on April 16 at 6:00 p.m. for the reviewing of the Employee Handbook. Mayor Tammy Konz and Councilmember Joe Krippner will be attending the League of Minnesota Cities Annual Conference in Rochester on June 11 -13. May 3 is Household Hazardous Clean Up Day. Ed Borman and Mayor Konz will be working on this. The Bond Refinancing will be placed on the next agenda. Motion Loewen/Krippner to approve the premium payment of $218.00 for the volunteer Workers Comp. Motion passed. Motion Krippner/Loewen to approve the purchase of four noise signs from MNDOT for placement on Highway 15 and 55. Motion passed. Motion to adjourn at 10:15 p.m. Motion passed. Dianne H. Robinson  Clerk Treasurer