Tricounty News

KES February Students of the Month

Bailee Schiefelbein Kindergarten Bailee's favorite color is red. Her favorite food is hot dogs. Her favorite thing to do is go to school. Math is her favorite subject. Bailee likes any kind of book about bunnies. Something Bailee would like to do is spend a whole day reading. When she grows up, Bailee would like to be a teacher like Mr. Palm. Some day she would like to visit Disney World and someone she would like to meet is a princess. Going to Texas to visit her grandparents is the most exciting thing Bailee has ever done. Rachel Merten Grade 1 Rachel likes to eat watermelon. When she has free time, Rachel likes to go sledding with her dad. Blue and yellow are Rachel's favorite colors. Her favorite subject in school is art. The best book Rachel has read is Green Eggs and Ham. When she grows up, Rachel would like to be a chef. Florida and Disney World are two places Rachel would like to visit. She would like to see the ocean. Rachel would like to meet Hannah Montana. The most exciting thing Rachel has ever done is go on the big rides at Valley Fair with her family. Shawn Laudenbach Grade 2 Shawn's favorite color is orange. His favorite food is chicken legs. When Shawn has free time he likes to read. Math is the subject Shawn likes best at school. The best book he has ever read is The Missing Mummy. Some day, Shawn would like to be a fisherman. Someone Shawn would like to meet is George Bush. Some place Shawn would like to go is Mexico. Something he would like to do is go into outer space. The most exciting thing Shawn has ever done is go to Arizona. Brandon LaFave Grade 3 Brandon likes to play Playstation II when he has free time. Math is his favorite subject in school. Brandon's favorite color is orange and his favorite food is crab. United States Air Force is the best book Brandon has ever read. When he grows up, Brandon would like to be a helicopter pilot and go in the United States Air Force. He would like to meet a soldier. Brandon would like to drive a four-wheeler or a Bobcat some day. The most exciting thing Brandon has ever done is drive a helicopter. Jarod Olson Grade 4 Jarod's favorite color is blue. His favorite food is bacon. Science is the subject Jarod likes best in school. The best books Jarod has ever read are the Magic Tree House books. His favorite thing to do is play football and he would like to be a football player when he grows up. Some day he would like to meet Donald Trump. DisneyWorld is a place Jarod would like to visit. The most exciting thing Jarod has ever done is go to Alaska on a cruise ship. Danielle Helgeson Grade 5 Danielle likes the color hot pink. She likes to eat watermelon. When Danielle has free time, she likes to sing and dance. Math the subject in school Danielle likes best. Stranded by Ben Mikaelsen is the best book Danielle has ever read. When she grows up, Danielle would like to be a singer. A place Danielle would like to visit is Germany. A person that she would like to meet is Miley Cyrus. Something Danielle would like to do is visit each of the 50 states. The most exciting thing Danielle has ever done is go to Lion King and Mary Poppins on Broadway. Megan Bisila Grade 6 Art is Megan's favorite subject in school. Megan likes the color pink and she likes to eat homemade pizza. Megan likes to watch TV when she has free time. The best book Megan has ever read is So Be It. Megan would like meet Hannah Montana. Someday, Megan would like to be a veterinarian. She would like to go on vacation to Mexico. The most exciting thing Megan has ever done is go to Washington, D.C.