CRWD Revised Watershed Management Plan

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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Legal Notice






Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources

520 Lafayette Road North

Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55155

In the matter of the revised watershed management plan (Plan) for the Clearwater River Watershed District (District) pursuant to Minn. Statutes Sections 103D.405 and 103D.105, Subd. 2.

Whereas, the subject Plan dated January 2011, has been filed with the Board of Water and Soil Resources (Board) on February 17, 2011, and copies were also filed with the auditor of each affected county, the governing body of each affected municipality, each affected soil and water conservation district and the DNR.

Now therefore, the Board hereby issues the following:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board invites written comments on the Plan. All comments received will be considered before a decision is made to prescribe a revised Plan for the District. Any person who objects to the proposed Plan may submit a written request for hearing to the Board. If no written requests for a hearing are received within 30 days of the last publication of this notice of filing, the Board will consider all of the comments and information received pertaining to the Plan and make a decision on the Plan at a regular Board meeting.

The District was established on April 9, 1975, and encompasses a total of 159 square miles. Lands within the District incorporate the entire drainage area of the Clearwater River and are distributed in the following counties: Meeker (29%), Stearns (34%), and Wright (37%). General purposes of the District include: (1) Surface water quantity and quality management with an emphasis placed on Total Maximum Daily Load, (2) Groundwater management, (3) Soil erosion and sedimentation control, (4) waste treatment systems, and (5) public education and outreach.

The Plan includes an updated inventory of the District's physical features and water resources, describes water-related problems and possible solutions, describes past activities and projects that the District has completed, and states objectives for current and future water resources management within the District.

The Board must review the Plan for conformance with state law and rule.

A copy of the Plan is available for inspection during normal business hours at the Board's office located at 1601 Minnesota Drive, Brainerd, MN 56401 or by contacting the Clearwater River Watershed District at (320) 274-3935.

For further information contact Travis Germundson of the Board at (651) 297-4958. Dated in Saint Paul, Minnesota this 4th day of May 2011.

/s/ Travis Germundson

Water Management Specialist

Published in the Tri-County News Thursdays, May 12 and 19, 2011.