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Larry Schneider hangs up his mail bag after 34 years

When Larry Schneider became a substitute mail carrier for the Kimball Post Office March 28, 1979, he had no idea that he would someday retire 34 years later having logged nearly 1,000,000 miles.

W-IMG 4583The 1976 Kimball High School grad just wanted a part-time job that would allow him to continue farming with his father, Walter.

Larry Schneider has logged nearly a million miles delivering mail from the Kimball Post Office. He’s smiling here because this was the end of his last run on his last day, Friday, May 3. Enjoy your retirement, Larry! Staff photo by Stephanie Johnson.



May 3 Update

Legislative Update:

While we get focused on the House and Senate omnibus bills, it’s important to remember that the governor has top priorities of his own. In education, Governor Dayton continues to push for a large investment in early childhood scholarships. He has stated many times that he likes scholarships as an important investment in education, and the business community supports scholarships as well.

The Senate is advocating for school property tax reform and all-day K as their top priorities. The House is pushing all-day K, equity reform and additional funding to the formula. The House tax bill has a provision to surcharge upper incomes on a one-time basis to pay back all of the remaining school shifts.


Outrunning fear

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

I used to be afraid.

I feared many things: snakes, spiders, (lions, tigers and bears), the dark, being alone, writing, people not liking me, war, a car wreck, strangers, the monster under my bed and bad things happening to good people – to name just a few. When you think about it, there are lots of fears one might choose to choose.


Tidbits for April

W-DSCF0455Yet you wouldn’t know it by looking outside! It definitely looks more like any of the months between November and April. Most of central Minnesota got up on the 11th to find the weather predictions were right. Overnight the area was covered in an abundance of sleet, rain and snow and it wasn’t done. It was still snowing and the wind had decided to join in. Common sense prevailed and many schools closed, as well as many Senior Dining sites.

Thankfully, the temperature wasn’t too bad for the unpleasant, back-breaking task of shoveling. Man, was the beautiful white, white snow heavy! The snow proved to be just right for making snowmen. A friend of my grandson made a nice big one in my yard. Then the three of us had a little snowball fight. Now, eight days later, it looks like the snowman has been dieting quite successfully.


April 26 Update

Education Finance Bills:

The respective education finance bills moved this week through the Finance, Ways and Means and Tax Committees. Along the way, the House bill was amended to remove the Labor Day start date provision. This provision would have allowed schools to start before Labor Day, but could not meet on the Thursday and Friday before Labor Day.

The Senate bill was amended in several ways. First of all, when the bill was passed out of the Senate Education Finance committee it appropriated more money than was allowed in the committee budget target. As a result, the bill was amended in the Senate Finance Committee to ensure it is within the budget target (by removing an increase in the compensatory pilot projects). The bill was also amended to delay implementation of the teacher evaluation system until the 2015-2016 school year.