Tricounty News

A slippery path

I realize this is old news and I am way behind the times, but what’s new? I’ve always been a little late coming to the party; I’ve been wearing the same jean jacket since the 1990s. Thank goodness they are making a comeback.

But, this isn’t about the latest fashion trends.

My old news is in reference to the hype and chatter revolving around Miley Cyrus. Many people have expressed strong opinions about the subject, and about Miley. There’s just one catch. I believe most of us are focusing on the wrong issue.


September 5 Update

Welcome Back

All across the country students are returning to the friendly confines of the classroom and reconnecting with friends they haven’t seen all summer. There are “Welcome Back!” banners, posters, and celebrations for the annual occasion. There is another group of individuals returning to familiar surroundings this week - lawmakers coming back to Washington D.C., to finish this session of Congress. Unfortunately for these Senators and Representatives, both houses will be dealing with the immediate issue of a potential military strike on Syria. Coming in a close second for Congress is the fact that the federal fiscal year ends Sept. 30.


Saying goodbye, for now, again

I thought it would be easier the second time around, but I was wrong.

We are packing up our oldest son for college this week and I find my eyes watering inexplicably. My son wonders why my eyes are red and I tell him it must be allergies.

What’s curious, though, is three years ago, when his sister started college, the same thing happened.

I was excited for her then, and I am excited for him now.


August 30 Update

Buildings and Construction

With the exception of a few details, additional cleaning and final touch-ups, the school buildings and grounds have been completed, approved, and ready for students to return from summer break. We’ll continue to work with contractors as they replace a few security cameras, hang the curtain and lights on stage, and complete some unfinished business on their punch-lists.

If you were unable to join us at the Aug. 27 dedication ceremony, be sure to stop in for a visit, and then tour the facilities with me. Thank you for the support and patience throughout the 16-month construction process.


August 23 Update

Eden Valley – Watkins Agriculture

EV-W Agriculture instructor and FFA advisor, Tracy Huhn has recently received an Honorary American FFA Degree. The Honorary American FFA Degree is given to teachers who have created high-quality agricultural education programs. Other qualifications are that 85 percent of the teacher’s agriculture students are in FFA and the teacher must have been an agriculture instructor for at least 10 years. Tracy was one of 54 teachers in the nation and one of two in Minnesota to receive the award this year.

The EV-W agriculture community, FFA alumni, school district faculty and staff are extremely proud of Tracy’s recent recognition and commend her for the progressive development of our agriculture program.

Workshop Week

This is just another opportunity for me to welcome the EVW staff back to our opening workshop week on Monday, Aug. 26. This has certainly been a rewarding summer for me as I continue the role of superintendent and serve the staff, students, and area communities of the school district. I’ll look forward to visiting with you next week.