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Uncommon pair help others find acceptance, and surpass what others expect of them

Random happening #1: a British author (Gavin Hill) who was expected to die 42 years ago, and a Litchfield woman (Rosie Hartwig) who was expected to die 18 years ago, were guests at the Eden Valley Area Library last week, twice.W-IMG 2135

Random happening #2: Said author wrote a play, a musical, for children and eight Eden Valley youngsters performed that play Wednesday of last week, at the library.

The play, “William Gray and the Family Next Door,” is about a brown field mouse being chased by an angry cat into a church full of gray church mice, and being rejected for being different. In the end, of course, they realize they have so much more in common, and that uniting is much better than discriminating.


Frank Eder to be Kraut N Wurst grand marshal


Frank Eder has been named this year’s Grand Marshal for the Kraut N Wurst festival, Aug. 1-2.

Frank grew up on a farm near Stickney Hill, part-way between Watkins and Kimball. At 15, he moved with his family into town inFrankEder-IMG 1054-RGBWatkins, and spent most of his time helping out his brother on the family farm. He graduated from Kimball High School.

Eder served in the Army Reserves, as a truck driver and vehicle mechanic. He worked construction, as a truck driver, in maintenance, and as a handicap van driver. He now drives school bus part-time. He also was a volunteer for the Watkins ambulance and rescue for 40 years.


July 30: Kimball Blood Drive

The American Red Cross Bloodmobile will be at Kimball from noon to 6 p.m., Wednesday,
July 30. The Bloodmobile is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary and will be held at the American Legion Club rooms located on Main Street south. Please consider taking an hour of your time to donate blood. Please bring a photo ID and/or your blood donation card.

If you missed the Blood Drive held in Watkins Wednesday, July 23, you have another chance to help so many that are in need of your lifesaving gift of blood.

What Can I do to Prepare for Donation?

Approximately 10 percent of donors are deferred because his or her hemoglobin level is too low. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets minimum hemoglobin levels to ensure donors have enough healthy blood cells to give, and that they also have enough iron in their blood to produce energy from food to carry carbon dioxide back to the lungs for removal.


'Beauty and the Beast' played well to crowds

Crowds packed the Kimball high school cafetorium last Friday, Saturday and Sunday to see the Kimball Community PlayhouseW-IMG 1877performance of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” 

The musical included a cast and crew of dozens of all ages, many of whom played two or three roles. 

There also were dozens of musical numbers, performed by the cast and orchestra. Most famous, perhaps, are “Beauty and the Beast” and “Be Our Guest.”

Director was Jody Markgraf, stage manager was Kenzie Traurig, choreographer was Jude Hamer, and music director was Cherie Ploof.

Cast and crew greeted family and fans after Saturday’s performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” Production members came from Annandale, South Haven, Kimball, Watkins, Eden Valley, Cold Spring, Luxemburg, and even Munich, Germany. Staff photo by Jean Doran Matua.


Rose wins $1 million at South Haven Sports


Travis Rose is the area’s newest millionnaire. Well, perhaps not quite millionnaire. After state and federal taxes, he will keep $677,500 of his million-dollar scratch-off win.millionnaire

Sunday, July 13, Rose stopped at South Haven Sports (the gas station in South Haven). He bought a $50 scratch-off ticket and went out to his car to scratch it off; it was a loser. He came in to buy another $50 ticket and won $500 on that one. He came back to buy yet another $50 scratch-off, but clerk Ben Ranta convinced him that chances were very slim of the very next ticket also being a winner, so Rose bought a $30 ticket in the relatively new (since February) Million Dollar Payday game. That ticket won him
$1 million.

Actually, Rose is the first to win and claim the top prize in this new game. There are two other $1 million tickets out there somewhere, unsold.

Kathy Zangla, owner of South Haven Sports, is excited about the win. (The store will receive a $3,000 credit for having sold the winning ticket.) They have a sign posted out front that they sold the $1 million winning ticket.