Tricounty News

May 13: Old Coots gathering

There will be a get-together of the Kimball Old Coots Tuesday, May 13, at the Triple R Grill & Bar in Kimball.

Permanent dates are now set up for future get-togethers twice yearly. They are the second Tuesdays in May and September.


May 10: Eden Valley City Garage Sale

The all-city garage sale in Eden Valley will be Saturday, May 10. Sign up with Michelle Hanson at (320) 453-2368.


Auditions set for GNTC’s ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

Auditions for one of the nation’s well-loved musicals, “Fiddler on the Roof” will be Tuesday and Wednesday,
May 27 and 28, in the auditorium at ROCORI High School in Cold Spring by Great Northern Theatre Company (GNTC). This musical, which features Tevye and his family, will be performed Thursday through Sunday, July 31,
Aug. 1-3. and Wednesday through Friday, Aug. 6-8.

This production features favorite songs like “If I Were A Rich Man,” “Sunrise, Sunset,” “The Sabbath,” “Matchmaker” and “Tradition” to name only a few, will be directed by Vicki Meyer. Meyer has directed several GNTC plays and appeared in GNTC’s 1996 production when she played Golde alongside Ken Twit, reprising their roles as high school seniors. Now she’s in the director’s chair.


Straight talk about depression comes to Marty

You could have heard a pin drop during most of their presentation. 

Except for the occasional laughter or applause, the Holy Cross gym was quiet, dead quiet.

Three men came out from the Twin Cities to share their stories of depression and suicide attempts, how they found help and, eventually, happier lives. The event was Wednesday evening, April 30, at Holy Cross School, and nearly every chair was filled.

Mark Meier founded the Face It Foundation in Minneapolis to work with men to overcome depression. He spoke briefly about what depression is and is not, and the fact that it can be so much more devastating in men. At least 6 million, probably more like 8 million, men in the United States have depression. That’s at least four times the rate of depression in women and, in his experience, men are far less likely to seek help.


Local woman does her best to spread message of animals in need

 w-Gina-Fox-RGBEver since Gina Lierman Fox was a young girl growing up in Nebraska, she has loved animals.

That love has only grown as Fox, who lives northeast of Kimball, has become older.

“I believe so strongly and feel so passionately about the fact that animals don’t have a voice, and we have an obligation to be that voice,” said Fox who works with the Tri-County Humane Society as well as being involved in animal rescue, especially German Shepherd Rescue (GSR).

“The abuse and the widespread mistreatment, and the fact that there is very little consequence, in most cases, for those that do abuse animals, is something that I find utterly disgusting,” said Fox who became involved in GSR about three years ago.

Fox has three German Shepherds of her own.