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Phone scam attempt reported locally

It’s not only those who use the Internet or email who are targets for scams. Some scammers still use the telephone or fax to get banking or other important information from their victims. 

We’ve all become (I hope) accustomed to the emails announcing that we’ve won the lottery in some foreign country; all they need is our bank account number to transfer the funds. That’s an obvious one, and we simply delete it. (NEVER answer a scam email, no matter how legitimate it may look; and NEVER open an attachment or link in a suspected email!)

But what if you get a phone call saying that your loan request for $5,000 has been approved? Would you spot that as a scam?


Top seven winter car safety tips

For dangerous driving conditions today and tomorrow

Record low temperatures and snow today, and into tomorrow, have made driving conditions dangerous for residents. The nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) offers the following seven winter car safety tips to keep families safe while driving in winter conditions:

• Prepare a special emergency kit for your car and keep it there throughout the season. Your winter weather car-kit should include:

A distress flag


Extra food and water

Flashlights and batteries

• Check your tires for air and wear. Be sure to keep tow and tire chains in your trunk as well.


Local crime blotters Jan. 16, 2014

Eden Valley Police blotter

There were a total of 58 calls in Eden Valley during December. These included 15 calls to assist the public, 12 misc. calls, 6 verbal warnings, 5 citations, 5 calls to assist other departments, 4 motorist assists,
3 alarms, 2 calls to assist Rescue,
2 domestic calls, 2 accidents, 1 burglary, and 1 arrest.

In 2013 there were 716 calls in total, with 20 arrests, 30 thefts, 12 accidents, 12 cases of vandalism, 16 domestic calls, and 5 burglaries.

Watkins police blotter (Meeker Co. Sheriff’s Office)

There were a total of 23 calls in Watkins during December 2013. These include 4 medical calls,
2 911 hangups, 2 animal complaints,
2 public assists, 2 domestic calls,
2 ordinance violations, 2 thefts, 2 traffic stops (with warnings), and 1 each of the following: 911 call transfer, alarm, welfare check, parking violation, warrant.

Of the two thefts, one was a theft of clothing and the other was an accidental gas drive-off where the driver returned and paid. There was one snow parking ticket issued that was not on the report.


Local crime blotters Jan. 9, 2014

Wright County Sheriff’s Office

Dec. 31, Joshua Daniel Kable, 30 of Cokato was arrested in Cokato Township, on Wright County warrants for violation of a domestic abuse no-contact order and domestic assault.

Dec. 31, Amanda Marie Reinke, 25 of Maple Lake, was arrested in Southside Township on a Wright County warrant for failure to register as a predatory offender.

Dec. 31, Eric Robert Eggersgluss, 19 of Maple Lake, was arrested in Maple Lake on a Wright County warrant for minor consumption.


New child advocate to work with St. Cloud area police

Kids in the St. Cloud area who have witnessed violence or another traumatic event will now get immediate help because of a new child advocate position associated with the Stearns County Domestic Violence Partnership. Private funding has been obtained for a full-time Trauma Informed Advocate to work with St. Cloud metro police departments. Applications are now being accepted – those interested in the position should contact Rhonda Domagala, Human Resources Manager, Central Minnesota Mental Health Center at (763) 271-5320 (phone), (763) 295-5086 (fax).