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From record heat to chilly mornings

Weather column: After dealing with the heat and lack of rain the past couple of weeks, we finally had a break from the heat. In fact, on Monday, parts of Minnesota were near record low territory.

Paynesville fell to 41 degrees on Monday making for a chilly morning for those who might have been camping during the Labor Day Weekend. This was just one degree shy of the record low of 40 degrees for the area dating back to 1968.

Benson also dipped to
41 degrees. The record low for that community is 35 degrees set back in 2002.


Cooler air arrives Wednesday

Weather column: A few spotty showers and isolated thunderstorms moved across Minnesota on Monday. Most of the activity stayed across Southern Minnesota.

Very warm and humid conditions impacted much of Minnesota on Tuesday as daytime highs hit the low- to mid-90s across most of state. With dew points in the upper 60s and lower 70s, it certainly felt even warmer. Heat indices reached the mid- to upper-90s across parts of Minnesota. A southerly breeze was responsible for pulling in that warm and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico.

There is some relief in sight as a cold front will arrive on Wednesday. This will be the focus of a slight risk of severe weather across much of the area. The Storm Prediction Center indicates that the potential exits for severe weather in the late afternoon and early evening.

Daytime highs should cool off into the low- to mid-80s by Wednesday and that trend will likely continue into the weekend. There exists the possibility of some isolated or scattered showers on Friday-Sunday. The winds are also expected to be breezy on Friday and Saturday, so it could be choppy out on area lakes.

Have a great week, but keep an eye on the weather on Wednesday!

Weather history: On this date in 2004 it was cold across Minnesota as temperatures dropped into the 30s across much of the region. Some spots in Northern Minnesota experienced frost on their windshields, off to work in the morning!

Weather fact: More often than not, thunderstorms move from west to east. However, conditions in the atmosphere dictate how and where storms will move, and it can be in any direction. As a result, “tornadoes have been known to act erratic, and can change directions and speed very quickly.”


Moorhead Low 69 High 84

Duluth Low 65  High 82

Central Minn. Low 70 High 84

Twin Cities Low 74 High 88

Rochester Low 74 High 89

Marshall Low 73 High 86

Monday, Aug. 19: Partly cloudy, 40-percent chance of showers/thunderstorms. High 84 Low 59 Winds: W/N 5-10 mph. Prec. Trace-.20”

Monday’s sunrise: 6:28 a.m.

Monday’s sunset: 8:19 p.m.

Normal High: 77

Normal Low: 57

Temperatures will remain above average for this time of the year through the weekend with highs generally in the 80s. Heat indices at times will reach the lower 90s.

Thursday: Mostly clear to partly cloudy. High 81 Low 59 Winds: SE 5-10 mph. Prec. None

Friday: Partly cloudy and breezy, 40-percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 81 Low 64 Winds: SE 10-20>25 mph Prec. Trace-30”

Saturday: Partly cloudy, 50-percent chance of showers/T-storms. High 82 Low 66 Winds: S 10-20 Prec. Trace-.30”

Sunday: Partly cloudy, 20-percent chance of showers and thunderstorms late. High 84 Low 64 Wind: E 5-10 mph Prec. Trace-.20”

We had an incredible weekend

Weather column: The area experienced one incredible weekend and start of the work week. Temperatures over the weekend were generally in the low to mid 70s on Saturday with low humidity levels and plenty of sunshine. Alexandria had a high on Saturday of 73 degrees which was nearly perfect for weddings and other activities across the region!

Temperatures did warm-up on Sunday. For example, Alexandria hit 78 degrees for a daytime high. Morris topped out at a beautiful 78 degrees as well. Elbow Lake was a comfortable 75 degrees for their high on Sunday.

Kimball was a warmer 81 degrees for one of the warmer temperatures across Minnesota. Average highs for that community are now 75 degrees.

The weather was perfect for viewing the Perseid Meteor Showers on Sunday night. The sky was clear and the moon phase was just right for the show. I was down in Glenwood to view the show Sunday night. A party of about 30 of us were able to enjoy nature’s show!


Sunday, Crane Lake set new low temp of 35

Weather column: Temperatures were unseasonably cool once again across the area over the weekend. This made for some pleasant weather conditions. Thankfully, the rain held off until Sunday night and into early Monday across much of Minnesota.

As far as those chilly temperatures over the weekend, Crane Lake dipped to 35 degrees on Sunday morning and set a new record low. This beat the old record of 46 degrees set back in 2006.

Matching the state low temperature Sunday morning was Big Fork with that same reading of 35 degrees. This also set a new record low for that city. The old record was 36 degrees set back in 1972. In addition, Eveleth dropped to 35 degrees on Sunday morning and shattered the old record of 42 degrees set back in 1992.


Saturday, Kimball had 48 degrees

Weather column: Temperatures certainly have been cooler than average the past several days. In fact, some spots saw record or near record low temperatures across Minnesota.

On Saturday, for example, Alexandria fell to 50 degrees for the morning low. This was just two degrees shy of the record low of 48 degrees set back in 2005. Elbow Lake fell to 47 degrees, Morris dipped to 48 degrees, Kimball bottomed-out at 48 degrees, and Wadena tied the record of 44 degrees. Meanwhile, Brainerd was a warmer 52 degrees.

By Sunday, Alexandria dipped to 51 degrees. Again, this was just two degrees short of the record low of 49 degrees dating back to 1952.

Starting off this week temperatures were even chillier across much of Minnesota. Eveleth fell to 37 degrees. This tied the record also set back in 2005. Crane Lake also dropped to 37 degrees for the state low temperatures. Hibbing and International Falls were close behind with low temperatures of 39 degrees.