Tricounty News

It will get done anyway …

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. At school, on the street, in various organizations.

It’s implied even more often than it is said out loud.

The idea is, “I don’t have to do this, or do this on time. It’ll get done anyway. (By someone.)”

Often it’s something minor, like refilling the ice cube trays, or replacing a roll of toilet paper.

Sometimes it’s a much more serious matter.


Graduations take many forms

It’s that time of year once again: Graduation. It doesn’t seem so very long ago that I walked up the aisle in what’s now the “old” gym at KAHS. (Remember that, Joe Arnold?)

There wasn’t a kindergarten
graduation in my day (that I can remember). And no sixth-grade graduation either. But then I was in Minneapolis for sixth grade.


Sharing in tragedy and need

Our fellow Midwesterners, less than a day’s drive from here, are suffering incredible tragedy after a massive tornado destroyed much of Moore, Okla., and claimed two dozen lives. 

Television news and the internet are filled with the inhumanity of the destruction. Homes totally ripped away as families huddle for safety in storm cellars. Other homes and buildings flattened like so many Tinker Toys. Cars and trucks tossed and smashed as if they were, well, toys too. The landscape simply flattened and devoid of trees or buildings, anything much above ground level.


Survey says … we’re well read!

At the Kimball Business Expo in March, we took a 4-page survey. We learned a lot about what our readers read, and how they read it.

There were some surprises, and some things we pretty much knew.

Many of our readers read from cover to cover, often in one sitting. Some save it for weekend reading.

What do our readers read most? Weddings and anniversaries and birth announcements. Not a surprise that lots of people read them, but a pleasant surprise that they’re top for readers.


Evil strikes again, but Good will win

Another set of horrific images are now emblazoned in my brain. The raw video and photos of carnage and human misery.

We don’t yet know if this was the act of international terrorism, or of a single deranged individual seeking fame by causing terror and human misery.