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American Legion is 95

Happy 95th birthday to American Legions of the nation!

Purpose with action

The American Legion has become the most successful of all veterans’ organizations because it has combined a high purpose with resolute action.

The justification for the existence of any organized group is measured by what it stands for and what it does. In these two respects, the American Legion is tops. It is built around the ideal of the preservation of the free institutions of America.


Johnson participates in Honor Flight

Robert J. Johnson was but a lad of 21 or 22, working in a hardware store in Sleepy Eye, when he joined the Army. W-100 1007---CopyHe was whisked off to basic training in Camp White, near Medford, Oregon, and would spend more than three years in the Infantry.

Bob was a radio operator, a Tech. Sgt. with the 91st. During World War II, the 91st Division was in France and Italy. “We marched all the way up Italy,” Bob said recently. The Division was much decorated in their campaigns.


Bob at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C. 




Kimball to get mixer for water tower, re-pave Maus Drive

Mixer and maintenance agreement for water tower

Just three weeks ago, there still was 3 feet of ice inside the
Kimball water tower. The scary reality is that, according to public works director Ed Borman, there was not enough liquid water in the Kimball water tower at any time this winter to fill a single tanker truck had there been a fire. (Arrangements were in place for mutual aid from nearby towns, so we were never in danger, but it’s not a good position to be in nonetheless.) The Kimball water tower, which holds 100,000 gallons, thoroughly froze once in the mid-1990s.


Hundreds come out to support Boultons

More than 350 people from around central Minnesota gathered at St. Anthony’s school basement Saturday evening,W-Boulton 9039 May 10, to show their support for the family of Jackie Boulton. Volunteers served up a spaghetti dinner plus bars and cookies.

Jackie was killed April 19 when a drunk driver hit their pickup truck head-on near Pillager. Her husband Michael was driving; the kids were home with their grandparents. Their truck flipped end-over-end and landed on its top. Mike was hanging upside-down, his leg stuck in the truck.


May 17: Studebaker Day

This event at Minnesota Pioneer Park in Annandale, is for all car lovers, but Studebakers are the feature cars, and the North Star Chapter of Minnesota is hosting this event 1-3 p.m. Saturday, May 17.

Currently electric vehicles have hit the news. However, electric cars are nothing new. Studebaker in 1902 manufactured and sold electric cars. Studebaker started producing wagons in 1852 and was the largest wagon manufacturer in the world. Studebaker wagons were used in the Civil War and were the wagon of choice in developing the West. Studebaker manufactured cars and trucks until 1966 and then closed because of economic reasons. The government at that time was not prepared to bail out car manufacturers. You will see Studebakers from the early 50s, the “Bullet Nose,” the mid 50s Loewy Coups, Hawks, Larks and the radical fiberglass sports sedan, the Avanti.