Tricounty News

Markus Mehr

Saturday, June 28

1-5 p.m., Markus Mehr, son of Ken and Petrina Mehr, at Willow Creek Park Lions Club Pavilion in Kimball. (K)


Hunter Schreifels

Sunday, June 22

1-5 p.m., Hunter Schreifels, son of Gordy and Jolaine Schreifels, at their home (8621 Co. Rd. 8, Kimball). (K)


McKenzie Libbesmeier

Saturday, June 21

4-8 p.m., McKenzie Libbesmeier, daughter of Randy and Rhonda Libbesmeier, at Holy Cross School Pavilion.


Erin Diffley

Sunday, June 15

1-5 p.m., Erin Diffley, daughter of Tim and Cecilia Diffley, at her home (72590 CSAH 27, Dassel). (K)


Matthew Donnay

Friday, June 13

4-? p.m., Matthew Donnay, son of John and Chris Donnay, at their home (14640 Co. Rd. 48, Kimball). (K)