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KAHS Senior Choir thanks

Congratulations to the Kimball Senior Choir for a fantastic performance in their concert Sunday evening, May 19.

Thank you so much to the seniors: Summer Swaisgood, Kaylyn Mancini, Logan Bartholomew, Camen Markgraf, Nessa Dahle, and Blake Fox for the beautiful yellow roses and candy. It’s been great having most of you for students since kindergarten.

Also thanks to the choir for the dozen red roses and gift card to the Olive Garden. You are the most amazing choir I could ever dream of directing.

Special thanks to the “Boosters” for their financial help for the transportation to the Chanhassen Theater. It was a fabulous experience for all the students to tour the theater and see how a large production is made, be on the stage, visit the seamstress for the wardrobe to see how the costumes are made, etc., and then have a fantastic lunch and see the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” What a  wonderful day.

Thank you so much!

Arlene Sands, Kimball District, Vocal Music Specialist