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Thanks to Kimball Area high school staff

I would like to thank all of the staff at Kimball Area High School for providing an excellent learning experience throughout all of my high school years.

Despite Kimball being a small school, the number of college credits offered is outstanding. Because of my chosen major, I am unable to graduate early; however, the credits I earned at Kimball have allowed me to bypass some liberal arts courses that otherwise would have made my schedule even more hectic.

Another highlight of Kimball is that the teachers are second to none. They truly care about their students and invest in each one of them. Each teacher has his or her own unique teaching style and although at times this proved challenging, I am most thankful for it now. As a college student at the University of Minnesota, the ability to adapt to different styles of teaching and learning have proved invaluable thus far.

I would also like to applaud Kimball for using Moodle. All of my classes here utilize Moodle and having previous knowledge of how to operate it has made the transition that much easier.

Looking back, Kimball has proven to be a gem among schools in Central Minnesota and I am proud to say that I graduated from such a school.

Katelyn Lichte