Tricounty News

Veterans Day thanks

A special thank you to the Kimball American Legion Post 261 Ladies’ Auxiliary for sponsoring the Veterans Day program at Kimball Area High School on Veterans Day. Thank you to Erin Diffley for her inspiring speech, and for being such a wonderful representative for the Legion Auxiliary and our community. The Legion Auxiliary Junior members did such a fine job of helping with the announcing and flag-folding. Our speaker Jack Young was not able to make it, but was with us in the wonderful World War II 
Veteran’s Memorial DVD we were able to view. We were very touched by your experience, Jack; we’ll try for next year.

Thanks to Steve Rowland for his wonderful presentation.

Aaron Ashbrooke and Logan Schlueter worked very hard on a video of our community veterans. Unfortunately, because of audio technical problems, we did not get to see it. Thanks, you two were so much fun to work with. We will use it next year.

Thanks to the school staff, Lori Miller you are the best. Janitorial staff, thanks for having everything ready, and thanks to Mr. Widvey for making sure the word was recieved by all the staff involved. 

I personally was very proud of our students. The respect and graditude you showed our veterans was so amazing, all I can say is how proud I was of every one of you. 

Last, but not least, thanks to all our veterans, because of you we have all the wonderful privileges in our lives.

Tammy Konz